Left bank of the river in Astana Left bank of the river in Astana

A new administrative center of Astana erected on the left bank of the Ishim River is full of architectural sights and despite its youth, still attracts tourists. Striking in both its power and the scale of its construction. Among the most interesting facilities there are “Astana-Baiterek” tower which, rather quickly, won the hearts of all and became a symbol of Kazakhstan,the egg-shaped building of National Archive and the graceful and statuesque “Nur-Astana” mosque; a Round Square with its surreal lines and Central Square framed with Ministry Houses.

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Mosque «Nur-Astana» Mosque «Nur-Astana»

The fantastic outline of the left bank of Astana, since 22 March, 2005, has become the peculiar frame of a new capital point of interest – the Central Mosque «Nur-Astana». It looks quite unexpected in the neighborhood of super-modern houses, but harmonious. Elegance of the Orient is interlaced with the ensemble of glass, concrete, steel, granite, and alucobond.

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Palace of Peace and Concord Palace of Peace and Concord

The eighth wonder of the world, as some people already called this building, was constructed in the form of regular pyramid with height of 62 m and the same width of basement. This construction is based on artificial 15 m mound.

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«Atameken» - map of Kazakhstan «Atameken» - map of Kazakhstan

Ethno-memorial complex «Atameken» - map of Kazakhstan» GKKP (state municipal public enterprise) «Ethno-memorial complex «Map of Kazakhstan Atameken» was opened on 8 September, 2001, on the initiative of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Here, on the territory of 1.7 hectare, one can see the country in a full view and familiarize oneself with its architectural-landscape history.

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Monument to Kenessary-khan Monument to Kenessary-khan

While walking along the embankment our attention is attracted by the bronze figure of horseman on granite pedestal. This is the monument to restored Kazakh nationhood, monument to Kenessary-khan.

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Monument to S.Seyfullin Monument to S.Seyfullin

There is a monument in the quiet old center of the capital. It is a handsome intelligent man in classic suit sitting on the chair and his coat is on the back of the chair…

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Monument «Otan korgaushylar» Monument «Otan korgaushylar»

Monument «Otan korgaushylar» is one of the most beautiful monuments in the country. On the square, elevated from the ground by a granite foundation, a bronze stele is situated. The central figure of the monument is a woman. She holds a golden cup, which is the symbol of peace and prosperity.

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Nurzhol Boulevard / Round Square Nurzhol Boulevard / Round Square

A row of fountains, flower paths, and interesting national sculptures opens up before our eyes. Every fountain of the Nurzhol boulevard, formerly known as Water-green boulevard, has its own architectural shape and unique engineering solution performed according to the latest progress in the sphere of fountain building.

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Presidential Cultural Center Presidential Cultural Center

At the beginning of Republic Avenue we can admire the beautiful snow-white building with blue dome – this is the Presidential Cultural Center. This complex includes the museum, library, concert and exhibition halls.

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National opera and ballet theater of K.Bajseitova National opera and ballet theater of K.Bajseitova

At the initiative of the President of Republic Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev in January of 2000 year a new capital theater was created. Today it is the youngest musical theater of the country. The carrier of traditions of Kazakh and world musical culture, it comprehends a classical heritage and realizes spiritual needs of an updated Kazakhstan society.

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