Otyrar Otyrar

The Otyrar oasis is the pearl of Archeology of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Continued archaeological research, conservation activities, development of tourism infrastructure - an important component of the integration of the monuments of the oasis in the list of World Cultural Heritage.

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The Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, XIV century The Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, XIV century

This amazing erection was built in honour of a famous Turkic poet and Sufi mystic, Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The word “Yassawi” originates from “Yassy”. That was the ancient name of Turkestan. The whole city is a historical and cultural reservation of Khazret Sultan. Except the Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, there are medieval bath houses and khilvet, where the great Saint was living, the mausoleum of great-granddaughter of Timur Rabiya – Sultan Begim and other monuments.

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Aksu-Djabagly Aksu-Djabagly

Aksu-Djabagly - the oldest nature reserve in Kazakhstan, as well as the first in Central Asia, has received the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is situated in the spurs of the Western Tien-Shan mountains at an altitude from 1000 to 4280 meters above sea level.

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Arystan-Bab Mausoleum Arystan-Bab Mausoleum

Arystan-Bab Mausoleum was erected on the grave of the known religions mystic of the XII century. The first construction of the mausoleum dates back to the XIV-XV century. The building from XVII century was ruined and in 1909 was builded up again. It can be seen from the inscription of one of the cartouche frieze cover.

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Sairam-sy Sairam-sy

One of beautyfull gorges of our corner of the world - to Sauries-sous. There at height of 2350 m the lake of a glacial origin is located. Its hollow has the guitar form. Water in this bottom lake of turquoise colour, very cold also replenishes from powerful underground springs. It is interesting that colour of lake is accurately differentiated on transparent-blue and turquoise. And, in any weather these colours are accurately traced. About it there is a legend.

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To sauries-Ugamsky the State National park To sauries-Ugamsky the State National park

To sauries-Ugamsky the State National park the Territory to Sauries-Ugamsky of the state national natural park occupies northeast position in system of Western Tjan-Shanja and is presented by hills of Ugam, Karzhantau and Boraldajtau, and also northwest spurs of Talassky Ala Tau. In park territory Sajramsu, Kaskasu, Burguljuk, to Buds, Mashat and Kokbulak proceeds the rivers Ugam.

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Burguljuk Burguljuk

Along gorge, on a stony channel, incorporating vivifying force of mountain springs, the small river Burguljuk runs. Its cleanest ice cold water feeds violent greens of gorge, аэроионизирует air, bears a cool.

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Lake Kyzylkol Lake Kyzylkol

The lake is included into the list of key ornithological territories BirdLife International and represents one of the best places for supervision over birds in Kazakhstan.

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River Aksu canyon River Aksu canyon

The canyon of Aksu is one of the most picturesque places of reserve Aksu-Zhabagly, the oldest reserve of Kazakhstan based in 1926 in mountains of Western Tjan-Shanja. On the sizes Aksu is considered one of the greatest and deep canyons in Central Asia (its depth fluctuates from 300 to 500 meters, the distance between the upper edges makes only 800 meters, and extent – more than 30 kilometers).

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The river SyrDarya and Shardarinsky water basin The river SyrDarya and Shardarinsky water basin

The second-large river of Central Asia, Syr-Darya bears the waters from Fergana valley to Aral sea. Since ancient times in a valley of Syr-Darya, among the branched out irrigational network created by hands of the person, there were the city settlements becoming central points on the Silk way. On Syr-Darya, on the border of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan, the Shardarinsky water basin settles down. It has been created in the sixties the last century for accumulation of the water necessary for an irrigation of huge agricultural region, and also for a construction on it hydroelectric power station. But, despite so pragmatic purposes, today this extensive reservoir represents a fine place for wild rest – to services of sandy beaches having a rest about 40 kilometers, and also good chances of successful fishing.

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