Monument of nature Goose flight Monument of nature Goose flight

Opening Paleontologi of a site "Goose flight" with such rich fauna animal neogen of the period (25 - 2 mln. years) has resulted in Pavlodar Priirtyshye poleozoologist from all former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, all found out poleomaterial was taken away by the scientists, since in first in Pavlodar in that time yet was not edge conducting of a museum, in second there was no scientific organization, which could ensure study and safety paleontologi of the rests.

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The architectural structure mosque of a name Mashhyr The architectural structure mosque of a name Mashhyr

The architectural structure mosque of a name Mashhyr Zhusup amazes imagination with beauty and greatness. Main mosque of city it is visible from the different ends of city.

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Monument to the poet Toraigirove Monument to the poet Toraigirove

In the street of Ac. Satpaeve the monument to poet S.Torajgyrov is established. Sultanmahmut Torajgyrov the Kazakh poet-democrat, the native of Bajanaul area. Having lived a short life, it has left the bright trace in the Kazakh literature.

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Blagoveshchensk cathedral Blagoveshchensk cathedral

From modern monuments of architecture Blagoveshchensk cathedral the cathedral surprises with scope. The cathedral is constructed in 1999. The Pavlodar architects for a basis have taken one of cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin.

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The House of Friendship The House of Friendship

In the autumn of 2008 in Pavlodar the House of friendship has opened, of which for a long time dreamed all cultural of formation of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev has taken part in his opening. «Friendship for us - not the empty word, - was told by it that day - we live in the multinational country. Only representatives more than hundred nationalities live at the Pavlodar area. In our country of school the theatres - in six languages work in many languages, MMI - on eleven. At us 4500 national-cultural centres. And it all, being united, creates a generality, which in the Constitution refers to as as the people of Kazakhstan»

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