Zhasybai Lake Zhasybai Lake

Zhasybai Lake, surrounded by mountains on all sides, is the second largest lake in the Bayanaulsky mountains, but reigns predominate in its popularity. The lake is named after Zhasybai Batyr, a warrior and hero of the Kazakh-Dzhungaria war. You can get to the lake using the Zhasybai passage.

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Picturesque corner among floor desert of steppe Picturesque corner among floor desert of steppe

Bayanayl State Natural Park - is a picturesque nook among the semi-deserted steppe. Mountains` slopes and valleys amaze with the vaeiety of plants. Bayanaul`s fauna is also guite variable and interesting. Having visited Bayanaul once, you will have an urge to come back here again to have a healing rest.

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Hydrology BSNNP Hydrology BSNNP

The hydrographic network is presented by lakes and the numerous small rivers which are flowing down from northeast, northwest and east slopes of Bajansky mountains, from mountains Akbet - in the north, Akkaragaj, Ogelen, Chibet - in the west, Nijaz – in the south. Small rivers have a snow and underground food, a spring rough high water. Within a mountain part of a reservoir are allocated crack waters in the form of springs, streams forming sources and supporting constant slope a drain in upper courses of small water currents.

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Vegetation world BSNNP Vegetation world BSNNP

According Gorchakovskaya PL Bayan-Aul flora SSPE contains 441 species of higher vascular plants. Staff of Pavlodar State University. S. Torajgyrov conducted from 2005 to 2008 research on the topic:Environmental research for sustainable development BGNPP ...

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Animal world BSNNP Animal world BSNNP

The fauna Bayanaul GNPP is represented by 48 kinds of the mammals concerning 5 groups. The group insectivorous 5 kinds, group predatory 9 kinds, group artiodactyl 3 kinds, the important object is the Kazakhstan subspecies of a mountain ram – argali, brought in the Red book of Kazakhstan, others 2 kinds roes and an elk...

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