The architectural structure mosque of a name Mashhyr The architectural structure mosque of a name Mashhyr

The architectural structure mosque of a name Mashhyr Zhusup amazes imagination with beauty and greatness. Main mosque of city it is visible from the different ends of city.

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Monument to the poet Toraigirove Monument to the poet Toraigirove

In the street of Ac. Satpaeve the monument to poet S.Torajgyrov is established. Sultanmahmut Torajgyrov the Kazakh poet-democrat, the native of Bajanaul area. Having lived a short life, it has left the bright trace in the Kazakh literature.

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Blagoveshchensk cathedral Blagoveshchensk cathedral

From modern monuments of architecture Blagoveshchensk cathedral the cathedral surprises with scope. The cathedral is constructed in 1999. The Pavlodar architects for a basis have taken one of cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin.

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The House of Friendship The House of Friendship

In the autumn of 2008 in Pavlodar the House of friendship has opened, of which for a long time dreamed all cultural of formation of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan of the Pavlodar area. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev has taken part in his opening. «Friendship for us - not the empty word, - was told by it that day - we live in the multinational country. Only representatives more than hundred nationalities live at the Pavlodar area. In our country of school the theatres - in six languages work in many languages, MMI - on eleven. At us 4500 national-cultural centres. And it all, being united, creates a generality, which in the Constitution refers to as as the people of Kazakhstan»

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Animal world BSNNP Animal world BSNNP

The fauna Bayanaul GNPP is represented by 48 kinds of the mammals concerning 5 groups. The group insectivorous 5 kinds, group predatory 9 kinds, group artiodactyl 3 kinds, the important object is the Kazakhstan subspecies of a mountain ram – argali, brought in the Red book of Kazakhstan, others 2 kinds roes and an elk...

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Vegetation world BSNNP Vegetation world BSNNP

According Gorchakovskaya PL Bayan-Aul flora SSPE contains 441 species of higher vascular plants. Staff of Pavlodar State University. S. Torajgyrov conducted from 2005 to 2008 research on the topic:Environmental research for sustainable development BGNPP ...

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Riches вepths Cherbakty of area lake Maraldy Riches вepths Cherbakty of area lake Maraldy

The curative dirty of salty lake Maraldy, each year involves thousand admirers. At the bottom of mentioned lake Maraldy, which dirty cures of rheumatism and be sick in joints, temperature of water on 10-15 of degrees is higher, than surface. The stocks of curative dirty are estimated in 100 thousand cubic meters. It is not enough of that, at the bottom lakes are also deposits of light-blue cosmetic clay. She warm also does not require additional heat, that is why is effective. The lake is rich by deposits of so-called light-blue dirty. She, as it is considered, renders cosmetic and youth effect. At the bottom of other small reservoir, taking place by number, it is possible to collect black dirty. With its help the illnesses of joints are treated. And density of salty water holds body on a surface.

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Zoological natural reserve – Еrtys gagalauy Zoological natural reserve – Еrtys gagalauy

Floodplain Irtysh is a unique creation of nature, with her characteristic high groundwater and flood wetting. Floodplain crosses all steppe and the southern half of the forest region of western Siberia over 3 thousand miles. Current River valley. Irtysh floodplain brought up to 7-8 m tall and a set of three top-Quaternary erosion-accumulative terraces.

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Chalday tape wood Chalday tape wood

It is the areas covered with a wood: pine, aspens and birch. In themselves tape wood is unique natural of approach of sand, keeper of a layer, "easy" by ours poor by woods of steppe. That is rather effective ecological regulator of all region.

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Памятник жертвам политических репрессий Памятник жертвам политических репрессий

В 30-е годы в Экибастуз было сослано свыше 5 тыс. репрессированных. В основном это представители интеллигенции, партийные работники, кадровые офицеры

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