Zhasybai Lake Zhasybai Lake

Zhasybai Lake, surrounded by mountains on all sides, is the second largest lake in the Bayanaulsky mountains, but reigns predominate in its popularity. The lake is named after Zhasybai Batyr, a warrior and hero of the Kazakh-Dzhungaria war. You can get to the lake using the Zhasybai passage.

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Monument of nature Goose flight Monument of nature Goose flight

Opening Paleontologi of a site "Goose flight" with such rich fauna animal neogen of the period (25 - 2 mln. years) has resulted in Pavlodar Priirtyshye poleozoologist from all former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, all found out poleomaterial was taken away by the scientists, since in first in Pavlodar in that time yet was not edge conducting of a museum, in second there was no scientific organization, which could ensure study and safety paleontologi of the rests.

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Picturesque corner among floor desert of steppe Picturesque corner among floor desert of steppe

Bayanayl State Natural Park - is a picturesque nook among the semi-deserted steppe. Mountains` slopes and valleys amaze with the vaeiety of plants. Bayanaul`s fauna is also guite variable and interesting. Having visited Bayanaul once, you will have an urge to come back here again to have a healing rest.

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"Каzhcrom" - Аksu factory iron alloy. "Каzhcrom" - Аksu factory iron alloy.

Аksu iron alloy - our pride, conducting of all Kazakhstan metallurgy, one of the recognized leaders world iron alloy of manufacture. АIA - is the conducting metallurgical enterprise in the world on manufacture chrom, silicium and manganous alloys. Capacity of factory - one million tons iron alloy per one year.

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Hydrology BSNNP Hydrology BSNNP

The hydrographic network is presented by lakes and the numerous small rivers which are flowing down from northeast, northwest and east slopes of Bajansky mountains, from mountains Akbet - in the north, Akkaragaj, Ogelen, Chibet - in the west, Nijaz – in the south. Small rivers have a snow and underground food, a spring rough high water. Within a mountain part of a reservoir are allocated crack waters in the form of springs, streams forming sources and supporting constant slope a drain in upper courses of small water currents.

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Geological objects of Pavlodar region Geological objects of Pavlodar region

In territory of area there are geological, geomorphological and hydrological objects of state nature-reserved fund having republican and international meanings representing special ecological, scientific, cultural and other value, especially protected natural territories, referred to a category...

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State Natural Reserve - Kyzyltau State Natural Reserve - Kyzyltau

Natural Reserve - Kyzyltau organized with the aim of protection and reproduction of rare species of animals and their habitats. The situation in the natural zoning - steppe landscape zone of temperate regions, the southern subzone fescue-feather grass steppes, the country Kazakh plateau and hills, Bayanaul-Karkarala District, Bayanaul area.

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Bogatyr Access Komyr Bogatyr Access Komyr

Cut a large unit capacity was built in the world for the first time. In this regard, "The Hercules" in 1980 was included in the Guinness Book of Records (during the operation produced more than 1 billion tons of coal), its production capacity to 50 million tons of coal per year. The first stage of the cut was put into operation in November 1970, and in December 1983 until "The Hercules has reached its design capacity ahead of schedule.

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Eurasian Energy Corporation Eurasian Energy Corporation

Eurasian Energy Corporation - an enterprise of the XXI century. Here is the first time in Kazakhstan was used streaming technology of coal mining. Production capacity of the cut - 30 million tons of coal per year. In 2000, the cut was 15 years old, during its operation produced more than 240 million tons of coal. Coal mining is carried out rotary excavator CPC (K) -2000 with a capacity of up to 5000 tons of coal per hour. For transportation of coal used by high-performance conveyor belts, the total length of more than 17 km.

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Ekibastuz GRES-2 Ekibastuz GRES-2

The unique pipe of station in height of 420 meters was included into The Guinness Book of Records.Start-up of the first block of a state district power station-2 took place in December, 1990, and the second power unit has been started on December, 22nd, 1993. This day became the important event in history not only stations, but also city – the president of Republic Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbaev took part in its start-up. Simultaneously with station the settlement named Solar has been erected. Ekibastuz state district power station-2 develops the electric power from ekibastuz coal two power units on 500 MVt, and it has the established capacity - 1000 MVt. Energy of a state district power station-2 is intended for maintenance of the north of Kazakhstan and covers 15 % of republic energy consumption. Consumers are enterprises not only Kazakhstan, but also Russia. Among them Republic State Enterprise "Kazakhstan Temir Joly", cosmodrome "Baikonur", the channel Irtysh-Karaganda.

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