Mountain-piala Sherkala Mountain-piala Sherkala

Who really wanted to know Mangistau region, he must have been to the magnificent mountain canyons, which crowns a beauty-Sherkala. Some argue that it resembles a bowl, which turned sated traveler. Others claim that the mountain looks like a tent on the one hand, and on the other hand - on Hidden beast. Stands in the middle of the desert expanses proud Sherkala - Mountain - Sphinx ...

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Depression Karaki or Lake Batir Depression Karaki or Lake Batir

"That stretches the famous Depression Karaki (Karagiye) - a giant hollow in one hundred thirty feet below the level of the Dead sea. Involuntarily encompasses the idea that you have accidentally found themselves at the Bay of the Dead Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. You see, as well as in the biblical scriptures, saline lakes, downs ...

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Tupkaragan - historical cradle of Mangistau Tupkaragan - historical cradle of Mangistau

Cape Tupkaragan - it is a well times, a conglomerate of cultures. Armenians, Ukrainians, Poles, Kazakhs, Turkmens, the Germans come to Tupkaragan with the same sense of reverence for shrines, retains the memory of their ancestors who once lived on the Cape Tupkaragan.

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Sisem-Ata - the pantheon of brave men Sisem-Ata - the pantheon of brave men

Pantheon of Knights is considered necropolis of Sisem-Ata. Many famous representatives of the genera and tribes of the Kazakh land made its home in the land of Ustyurt.

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Mangyshlak Peninsula Mangyshlak Peninsula

For casual visitors at first glance may seem Mangistau colorless withered, tired and sun burnt by the wind. For people buried in this land back - is a blessed land. Each stone carries a history of the peoples who once inhabited the Mangistau.

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Saura Lake Saura Lake

Saura Lake from three sides is a lake surrounded by steep rock walls of the spherical shape, like half of a huge bowl height of about fifty meters. He beckons his mysterious valley Saura. In this lake bog turtles.

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Ustyurt - the world inhabited region Ustyurt - the world inhabited region

Five or even ten million years ago as a result of natural disasters land known today Ustyurt plateau, rose, and sea elements had to retreat, get away in the bowels of the earth, drying vast territories. Until now Ustiurt distinct traces of the distant past, the bottom of the great and mighty Tethys Ocean. Especially interesting canyons are chinks Uatyurt - steep cliffs, hills, steep cliffs, which are east poet called "World inhabited region. Yes, it takes your breath away, looking with steep cliffs on the neighborhood Ustyurt. In reviewing our thoughts quickly lived through the way that good and bad did you try to cling to the straw that connects you with life, and runs away from the escarpment. Then, deep breath, realize that life goes on.

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Balls valley Balls valley

For many miles the plain, and then - stone balls, like peas are scattered along the valley. Where have fallen or who rolled up on the peninsula Mangyshlak these stone balls? Overseas giant Atlanta or brave batyr Ersary Baba fired from a gun, and the core-stones rained down on the ground, forming a valley Sharov? For 250 years scientists have been racking their brains, plunged into speculation, but never agreed. One thing is clear, that these stone balls, or as they are called, stone concretions represent a mineral formation of rounded, filled with some special energy, the scientists studied men. And we are also quite enjoy the unusually fascinating phenomenon of nature - boulders scattered along the Mangistau land and be glad that these nodules are the most spherical sight edge.

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The city of Aktau on the Cape Cretaceous The city of Aktau on the Cape Cretaceous

Sea Blue, Black, White, Girkan, Khazar, Derbent was called the Caspian Sea in different times and eras. But there is always a sea of salty water was loved by the people who lived on the coast. There were those who went to the Caspian Sea for good, but then, overcome by nostalgia, back here at least for a day a month to bathe in the warm waves of the sea and the memories of years lived in the Caspian Sea. Many of the Caspian Sea capes. But there is one feature, known as the Cape Cretaceous. This is the rocky promontory chosen people and built a city of white stone. So called his act.

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