Akmolinsk regional historical museum Akmolinsk regional historical museum

Akmolinsk regional historical museum is one of the oldest cultural and educational establishments of area.

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City history museum of Kokshetau City history museum of Kokshetau

The museum of history of Kokshetau city was created in 2000. The museum exposition was opened in 2004, in a year of the 180th anniversary of the city.

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Literature and art museum Literature and art museum

«The literature and art museum» is founded by the order of Ministerial council of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic from January, 20th, 1989 by № 14-R, opened for visitors on July, 22nd, 1993.

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Museum of Malik Gabdullin, the Hero of the Soviet Union Museum of Malik Gabdullin, the Hero of the Soviet Union

The museum of Malik Gabdullin, the Hero of the Soviet Union, academician, writer, and public man was opened according to decision of the Cabinet of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 5/7/1993 by № 465 and order of Kokshetau akim by № 1-391 dated September, 4th, 1995 to the 80th anniversary of the Hero.

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Botay culture Botay culture

Botay culture, known for the fact that here for the first time horse was cultivated by an ancient person, is located on the bank of the River Iman-Burluk.

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Manor of Ayganym Manor of Ayganym

The monument of ancient architecture of 19 centuries, is also a memorial architectural complex where the Kazakh scientist-educator Chokan Chingizovich Valihanov lived and worked.

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An island on Imantau Lake An island on Imantau Lake

The Imantausky resort zone represents a natural oasis near to Kokshetau: it is mountain-large forest, the cleanest reservoirs and, of course, lake Imantau which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in region. Imantau is a nature sanctuary of republican value. From height of the bird's flight the island has aform of heart. Its area makes 36 hectares.

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Lake Shalkar Lake Shalkar

The lake Shalkar is one of the largest lakes of Ajyrtau region; its area is 3241 hectares. Length of lake is 12 km, the greatest width - 3,3 km, the area of a mirror - 35,4 км2, the maximum depth - 15м.

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Озеро Айыртаучик Озеро Айыртаучик

Одним из живописных уголков природы Шалкарского филиала является озеро «Айыртаучик», расположенный на границе двух лесничеств, л-ва им.Акакна-серэ и Шалкарского лесничества.

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Природный оазис Сандыктау Природный оазис Сандыктау

Гранитные сопки Сандыктау не могут похвастаться большими высотами: главная их вершина – гора Сандыктау имеет высоту 626 метров над уровнем моря. Однако, живописность местных речек, самой крупной из которых является приток Ишима под названием Жабай, парочка озер, многочисленные родники, сосновые леса, коими изобилует местность, а также хорошие шансы для сбора ягод и грибов, делают Сандыктау одним из самых приятных мест для отдыха во всем Северном Казахстане.

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