The Memorial and the museum in Akmol village The Memorial and the museum in Akmol village

ALGIR, or the Akmolinskiy camp for wives of the men who opposed the government is located in the Akmolinsk region, 40 kilometers from modern Astana, in the territory of Malonovka village, now known as Akmol

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Visit centre of Korgalzhynsky Park Visit centre of Korgalzhynsky Park

The Tengiz-Korgalzhynsky system of lakes, being under protection of the state as Korgalzhynsky natural park, and appearing in UNESCO World Heritage List, draws great interest from ornithologists, bird watchers and those who simply love being among wildlife and nature.

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Erejmentau Mountains Erejmentau Mountains

The Erejmentau Mountains region located in 50 kilometers to the east of Astana, is another blind-spot on the tourist map of Kazakhstan. But numerous cemeteries of the Stone and Bronze Ages, Scythian monuments, Turkic stony statues, all point to the fact that civilizations have passed through these lands since ancient times.

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The Resort of Borovoe The Resort of Borovoe

Borovoye (Burabai in Kazakh language) is the name of the district occupying the northeast part of the Kokshetausky hill. It consists of a large number of lakes of all sizes, as well as the lower, densely wooded mountains. The large solid mass file of granite resulted in formation of original local microclimate with higher rainfall, lower temperature in summer time and best protection from winds.

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Tengiz the Lesser Lake Tengiz the Lesser Lake

The whole territory of Korgalzhynsky park is an excellent place for ornithologists and bird watchers. However Tengiz, the Lesser Lake, is particularly remarkable for its coast which is the most convenient place to watch some of the more exotic birds such as Pink Flamingo which nests here from May till October.

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Zerenda Zerenda

Zerenda is the part of extensive territory allocated with mountains and hills, covered with wood, small lakes and the rivers which have settled down on the Kokshetausky height.

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Ablai Khan Throne and Ablai Khan Meadow Ablai Khan Throne and Ablai Khan Meadow

Ablai Khan is a khan (ruler) of the Middle Juz (one of three traditional divisions of the Kazakh nation), who united all three Kazakh Juzes and intended to create a strong and independent Kazakh state in the XVIII century. Since then, Kazakhs had created and kept many poems and legends about this legendary Khan and many of them are connected to the particular attractions in Burabay and its vicinities. One of these attractions is a natural granite throne of Ablai Khan, located in the foothills of Kokshe Mountain, which is a sacred place for Kazakhs. Another one is Ablai Khan meadow, a unique monument of nature.

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Zhumbaktas Rock Zhumbaktas Rock

In the Northern part of Auliekol Lake (Burabai), between spurs of Kokshe and Temirtau, there is a beautiful gulf. In the middle of this gulf – there is a small rocky island – a pile of weathered granite formations. This rock is called Zhumbaktas, or Mysterious Stone, translated from Kazakh.

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Shchuchinsk museum of local history and lore Shchuchinsk museum of local history and lore

In funds of the museum there is 1173 units of storage. In museum showroom take place temporary art exhibitions, arts and crafts exhibitions.

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Rock Ok Zhetpes Rock Ok Zhetpes

Okzhetpes Rock, situated on the shores of Auliekol (Burabay) Lake, is one of most well-known attractions of Burabay resort area. ‘Ok zhetpes’ means ‘an arrow cannot reach’ in translation from Kazakh.

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