Altyn Adam Altyn Adam

The brightest display of saks cultures in Kazakhstan - archaeological monuments, barrows burial grounds. Among them, the rare on the riches the Issyksky barrow – a burial ground located in Almaty area, on suburb of Issyk, in 50 km from Almaty.

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Lake Alakol Lake Alakol

The territory Alakol-Sasykolskoj systems of lakes was for a long time the earth of travel. Far back in the past this earth was a passage place караванных roads of the Great Silk way.

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Falls of Burhan Bulak Falls of Burhan Bulak

The biggest falls in Semireche Burhan Bulak are located in 55 km from the city of Tekeli in gorge of the river the Bark.

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Lake "Kambash" Lake "Kambash"

Aral region has a system of lakes, one of the largest is "Kambash" lake.

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Karkaraly mountains Karkaraly mountains

Kazakhstan's central mountain oasis with lakes, forests, flowering valleys and crystal clear streams. Karkaraly is ideal for trekking and walks of varying complexity, and just for leisurely outdoor recreation.

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Tupkaragan - historical cradle of Mangistau Tupkaragan - historical cradle of Mangistau

Cape Tupkaragan - it is a well times, a conglomerate of cultures. Armenians, Ukrainians, Poles, Kazakhs, Turkmens, the Germans come to Tupkaragan with the same sense of reverence for shrines, retains the memory of their ancestors who once lived on the Cape Tupkaragan.

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Sisem-Ata - the pantheon of brave men Sisem-Ata - the pantheon of brave men

Pantheon of Knights is considered necropolis of Sisem-Ata. Many famous representatives of the genera and tribes of the Kazakh land made its home in the land of Ustyurt.

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The State National park of Charyn The State National park of Charyn

The Charyn State National Natural Park is created in Almaty region for the purpose of preservation natural landscapes, which have special ecological, historical and aesthetic value.

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Abat Baitak's Mausoleum Abat Baitak's Mausoleum

Unique Abat-Baitak sculptural monument that can hardly be found in Western Kazakhstan is located twelve kilometers away eastwards of Beskopa aul, Kobda region, Aktobe oblast.

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Shankoz mountains Shankoz mountains

Shankoz mountains to the north west of the mountain Karkaralinsk masssiva. Extends from the northeast to southwest at 15 km, the width of the mountain 5-7 km. The absolute height of 1360 km. Have access to springs. In the chestnut soils grow pine, pine and birch forests and bushes, lnshaynik.

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