Sultan-apa Necropolis and Mosque Sultan-apa Necropolis and Mosque

A legend about a young man who once helped the fishermen got in trouble is associated with this place located in the Tyub-Karagan peninsula near by the Ashchymuryn tongue. Since then it is believed that the Sultan-ape mosque always comes to rescue of anyone suffering distress in the sea.

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Karaghiye Hollow Karaghiye Hollow

Karaghiye hollow is one of the deepest in the world at 132 meters below sea level. It is located in the Eastern part of the Mangyshlak plateau, around 50 km away from the city of Aktau, and stretches from the northwest to the southeast. Collapsing and karstic processes, being the cause of this hollow, are still in effect today as evidenced by the cliffs and benches split by wide and deep canyons such as sayami.

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Tengiz the Lesser Lake Tengiz the Lesser Lake

The whole territory of Korgalzhynsky park is an excellent place for ornithologists and bird watchers. However Tengiz, the Lesser Lake, is particularly remarkable for its coast which is the most convenient place to watch some of the more exotic birds such as Pink Flamingo which nests here from May till October.

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National Natural Ile-Alatau National Natural Ile-Alatau

National Natural Ile-Alatau is acknowledged as the leader among the specially protected natural reservations of Zhetysu.

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Достопримечательности г.Текели Достопримечательности г.Текели

История этого края впитала в себя легенды и верования язычества, зороастризма, буддизма, традиции ислама. Именно там можно встретить мрачную Башню молчания, святой камень и загадочный очень редкий цветок Снежный лотос, который принесет человеку или погибель, или удачу…

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Naurzum Nature Reserve Naurzum Nature Reserve

The unique reserve, located on the territory of Naurzum and Semiozerskii areas of Kostanay oblast,amazes with the amenities of forests and diversity of animal kingdom.

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Aksu-Djabagly Aksu-Djabagly

Aksu-Djabagly - the oldest nature reserve in Kazakhstan, as well as the first in Central Asia, has received the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is situated in the spurs of the Western Tien-Shan mountains at an altitude from 1000 to 4280 meters above sea level.

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The Uspensky Cathedral The Uspensky Cathedral

The Uspensky Cathedral(1883) is situated on 16 Taimanov Street the corner of Gagarin Street in Atyrau city. The wall is brick. The volume amounts 4500 cubic/m., the total area is 230 sq/m., there are 900 places. The height to the dome amounts 40 m and other domes thinner on 10 m.

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The Obozreniye, Ostraya and Raskolotaya sopkas. The Obozreniye, Ostraya and Raskolotaya sopkas.

The sopkas represent a rather rare type of relief for this area – a hillocky granite file generated under the influence of natural factors. The rocky adjournments located on the bank of Shalkar Lake are covered with coniferous wood.

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Picturesque corner among floor desert of steppe Picturesque corner among floor desert of steppe

Bayanayl State Natural Park - is a picturesque nook among the semi-deserted steppe. Mountains` slopes and valleys amaze with the vaeiety of plants. Bayanaul`s fauna is also guite variable and interesting. Having visited Bayanaul once, you will have an urge to come back here again to have a healing rest.

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