Visit centre of Korgalzhynsky Park Visit centre of Korgalzhynsky Park

The Tengiz-Korgalzhynsky system of lakes, being under protection of the state as Korgalzhynsky natural park, and appearing in UNESCO World Heritage List, draws great interest from ornithologists, bird watchers and those who simply love being among wildlife and nature.

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Erejmentau Mountains Erejmentau Mountains

The Erejmentau Mountains region located in 50 kilometers to the east of Astana, is another blind-spot on the tourist map of Kazakhstan. But numerous cemeteries of the Stone and Bronze Ages, Scythian monuments, Turkic stony statues, all point to the fact that civilizations have passed through these lands since ancient times.

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Zhasybai Lake Zhasybai Lake

Zhasybai Lake, surrounded by mountains on all sides, is the second largest lake in the Bayanaulsky mountains, but reigns predominate in its popularity. The lake is named after Zhasybai Batyr, a warrior and hero of the Kazakh-Dzhungaria war. You can get to the lake using the Zhasybai passage.

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The Resort of Borovoe The Resort of Borovoe

Borovoye (Burabai in Kazakh language) is the name of the district occupying the northeast part of the Kokshetausky hill. It consists of a large number of lakes of all sizes, as well as the lower, densely wooded mountains. The large solid mass file of granite resulted in formation of original local microclimate with higher rainfall, lower temperature in summer time and best protection from winds.

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Uralsk Architecture Uralsk Architecture

Uralsk was founded in 1613 on the right bank of the Ural River. Founders of the city became free Cossacks, which were Russian royal expeditionary and cavalry forces.A large part of the history of this place is connected with them as well as the diversity of the city's architecture.

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The Zenkov’s Cathedral in Almaty The Zenkov’s Cathedral in Almaty

This orthodox cathedral is deservingly considered as one of the most interesting architectural monuments in Almaty. The wooden building, towering at a height of 56 meters, was constructed in the beginning of XXth century.

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The Kajyndy Lake The Kajyndy Lake

The Kajyndy Lake, formed over a century ago as a result of landslip, is situated among the Kungey-Alatau Mountains, which are covered with coniferous and deciduous woods, and located 280 kilometers to the east of Almaty. Here the traveler can find a quite surrealistic picture: the trunks of the Tjan-Shanj fur-trees may be seen rising directly from its waters, to a height of about 15 meters, creating, for most people, an image of the masts of sunken ships.

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The Underground Mosque of Shakpak-Ata The Underground Mosque of Shakpak-Ata

The mosque of Shakpak-Ata, located on Tjub-Karagan peninsula, over 20 kilometers to the northeast of the Shevchenko Fort, is considered the most ancient architectural monument in the Western Kazakhstan. The mosque layout as well as its other architectural details, present evidence of a structure belonging to IX-X centuries.

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Akmysh Stow and Sherkala Rock Akmysh Stow and Sherkala Rock

Akmysh stow which is 170 kilometres away from the city of Aktau near by the Shetpe settlement is extremely diverse in its beautiful natural surroundings, and the same can be said for its historical background. Against the groves are murmuring streams and rocky formations of the most surprising forms.

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Shopan-Ata Mosque Shopan-Ata Mosque

According to legend, the Shopan-Ata mosque, located in the region of the Senek settlement more than 200km away from the city of Aktau, was built by Shopan-ata Sufi, one of Hodzhi Ahmed Jassavi's sacred students. The legend says that Shopan-ata found his mentor’s rod, and decided to build up a mosque of eleven underground cells on this very place.

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