Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum Dzhuchi Khan Mausoleum

Dzhuchi Khan (Zhoshi), the elder son of Chingiz-Khan and ancestor of most Kazakh Khans, especially loved the Sary-Arka steppes, so he stationed his Headquarters very close to the Ulytau mountains. Khan’s Headquarters were a big administrative and cultural center of Sary-Arka for a long time.

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Dombauyl Mausoleum Dombauyl Mausoleum

Dombauyl Mausoleum which is situated on the left bank of the Karakengir river, in the opinion of the most scientists, is one of the ancient structures in Central Kazakhstan.

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Baskamyr City Baskamyr City

As Baskamyr city is located in the Taldysai boundary to the south of the Ulytau mountains, one can find signs of construction activity of the Kipchaks, one of the tribes which became the foundation of Kazakh ethnos. Scientists found ruins here, of a castle surrounded by three walls with guard towers and a citadel.

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The Monument of Unity of Kazakhstan’s People The Monument of Unity of Kazakhstan’s People

From the history of Eurasian Nomads, the Ulytau region (in Kazakh, meaning «Great Mountains») was always taken as a sacred place, and for most people this place is considered an epicenter of Nomad civilization. Ulytau is considered the historical center of Sary-Arka and the Kazakh lands, as a whole, owing to its concentration of mausoleums, petroglyphic drawings, caves, ancient cities, historical and legendary stories of distant places.

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Petroglyph of Zangyrtas Petroglyph of Zangyrtas

Zangyrtas is a couple of dozens granite boulders fairly small in size, and aligned on the hill side 20 kilometers to the northeast of Ulytau village. The stone surface is covered by various pictures made by the artists of the Bronze Age. Among them are images of argali, ibex and camels, scenes of hunting and horse manning are main themes here, as usual.

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Zhetykonyr Sands Zhetykonyr Sands

As a matter of fact, “Zhetykonyr” is a common noun used since ancient times by the Kazakhs for naming the motionless sandy hills covered with drought-resistant plants. However, Zhetykonyr Sands located to the southeast of the city of Zhezkazghan were eventually bared to create what is now a very surrealistic sight.

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Kent settlement Kent settlement

Kent settlement related to the epoch of Late Bronze, is situated in the Kent mountains. It is believed to be the largest ancient settlement in Central Kazakhstan. Kent is a settlement whose inhabiting tribes produced goods from bronze. Huge furnaces, where copper and tin were mixed, are of particular interest .

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Karkaralinsk Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk city spread on the foot of the Karkaraly mountains, was founded in 1824. There is still much material evidence of its venerable age. They have restored Kunanbai’s Mosque (named for the father of the Great Kazakh poet Abai), as well as Ryazanov's merchant house, and many of the wooden houses built in the 19 century.

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Left bank of the river in Astana Left bank of the river in Astana

A new administrative center of Astana erected on the left bank of the Ishim River is full of architectural sights and despite its youth, still attracts tourists. Striking in both its power and the scale of its construction. Among the most interesting facilities there are “Astana-Baiterek” tower which, rather quickly, won the hearts of all and became a symbol of Kazakhstan,the egg-shaped building of National Archive and the graceful and statuesque “Nur-Astana” mosque; a Round Square with its surreal lines and Central Square framed with Ministry Houses.

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The Memorial and the museum in Akmol village The Memorial and the museum in Akmol village

ALGIR, or the Akmolinskiy camp for wives of the men who opposed the government is located in the Akmolinsk region, 40 kilometers from modern Astana, in the territory of Malonovka village, now known as Akmol

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