Site of ancient settlement of Kojlyk Site of ancient settlement of Kojlyk

KAYALYK – capital city карлукских tribes, the biggest site of ancient settlement of the Ilijsky valley located on east suburb of village Kojlyk of Sarkansky area of Almaty area. It is considered the monument of history dated VIII-XIV centuries. As a result of excavation which are conducted here from the end of the twentieth century...

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Oblast “know-your-country” museum Oblast “know-your-country” museum

The West Kazakhstan Regional Historical-homeland Museum is one of the oldest museums in Kazakhstan. The museum was organized in 1832. In his organization were participated the famous scientists of that time Karelin G. S and Berg LS Now the museum is located in the historical and architectural building, was built in 1879 in the eastern style for Russian-Kazakh school.

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House-Museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov House-Museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov

Among the town’s museums the Monument of history and wooden architecture of XVIII century – the House-museum of Yemelyan Pugachyov – is in worthy requisition of the population and guests of the town. Motherland enters the consciousness of every person together with history of the town, its architectural and historical monuments.

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Planetarium Planetarium

The only stationary planetarium in Kazakhstan was created in January 1967 with the purpose of education and formation of the population. Here entertaining conversation and lectures concerning the problems of astronomy, the Earth, space, natural study and geography are carried out. There are 7 thousand slides...

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Mosque of town  Uralsk Mosque of town  Uralsk

Address: Uralsk, pr.Evraziya, tel.: 8 (7112) 54 12 20 In November 2005 in Uralsk is opened a new three-tiered mosque. The building with the participation of several countries. The majestic dome over the main hall of the mosque is built stained glass, brought from Italy, was done by German technology. Carpets, which were covered with almost all rooms, imported from France.

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Mosque of Aitbai Mosque of Aitbai

The mosque was built in 1878 by order of the local rich man Aitbai. The masters from Aulieata took part in construction of the mosque. In 1980 it was examined by the group of architects from the institute "Kazproektrestavratsiya." Mosque is located in the center of the city. Its shape is elongated rectangle.

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Monument «Astana-Bayterek» Monument «Astana-Bayterek»

The monument «Astana-Bayterek» is an absolute symbol of Astana. In translation from Kazakh language its name means poplar tree. The monument represents a high metal structure with a huge sphere made of glass «chameleon» on the top. The height of the structure amounts to 105 m.

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Drama theatre named T. Ahtanov Drama theatre named T. Ahtanov

In 30 years in Aktobe the regional Kazakh drama was opened. In 1997 the theatre was named after of our fellow countryman, the winner of premium RK, the national writer Tahaui Ahtanov. Later the Kazakh and Russian theatres have been combined.

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Chalky outcrop-Akkeregeshin Chalky outcrop-Akkeregeshin

One can discover the wild nature, mysterious world of caves, striking natural monuments, adventures on chalky outcrops, in Akkeregeshin and Aktolagai, mountain of Imankara (in Zhylyoi district). It is excursion for those who loves exotic, something unusual or simply take a great interest in geology, paleontology.

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Stella of independence Stella of independence

Stella of Independence was opened in 2006. Stella is decorated by tulpars from four sides, signifying fearlessness of a lion, the vision of a falcon, physical power and strength of a bull, quickness, speed and plastic of a deer, cunning foxes and resourcefulness in their struggle against the enemies.

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