Sights of Taldykorgan City Sights of Taldykorgan City

The country - Republic Kazakhstan The status - the regional centre Area - Almaty

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Istoriko-museum of local lore of М. Tynyshbaeva Istoriko-museum of local lore of М. Tynyshbaeva

In a museum 27454 exhibits. Размер a hall of exhibits-1091 sq.m. Quantity of employees – 9 are placed. The museum of M.Tynyshbaeva is opened in March, 1st, 1974. The unique museum in area where, collects and stores history of Zhetysusky edge.

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Abylaj Khan Residence museum complex Abylaj Khan Residence museum complex

Abylaj (Abylmansur) is the khan of the Kazakh horde - one of the most outstanding statesmen in the history of the Kazakh statehood. Ancestors of Abylaj khan occur from the well-known founder of the Kahahsky horde of Az-Zhanibek, the descendant of the Dzhuchi-khan, the son of Genghis Khan. He was a clever politician, a competent diplomat and a talented commander. In 1771 the khans, sultans and warriors of three hordes (jyz) have united into one khanate in the city of Turkestan and have proclaimed Abylaj the khan of the Kazakh khanate.

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The Petropavlovsk Astrophysical observatory The Petropavlovsk Astrophysical observatory

The equipment of the observatory includes the Ritchey - Chrétien telescope, with the mirror diameter of 0, 77 meters. The dome of the planetarium is equipped with “Leariving Technologies, the USA” Company projective equipment, gives a unique look to the whole complex of the North Kazakhstan State University academic buildings.

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The Kyzyl Jar mosque The Kyzyl Jar mosque

The new mosque has symbolically appeared on a map of the city in 2005 in the former Novomechetnaya Street, nowadays Mir Street. The area of the construction is 1499 m2. The central part is topped by a 28 meter high dome. The mosque is framed by two graceful minarets. A prayer hall, rooms for ablution of deceased, a library, educational classes, a dining room for 100 seats are placed in the mosque. The extensive territory is enclosed by openwork fencing.

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“The Ascension of the Lord” orthodox cathedral “The Ascension of the Lord” orthodox cathedral

The cathedral was built in 2005 in memory of the destroyed Voznesenski cathedral in the 19th district of Petropavlovsk city. 6 bells were cast in the city of Kamensk – Uralsk, Sverdlovsk area; the biggest bell weight is 640 kg. The icons of an iconostasis and other subjects necessary for a high-grade liturgical life of the parish are got in Moscow.

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The Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War The Monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Years pass, change and remain in the past, but the unparalleled feat of fellow countrymen will forever remain in the memory of the North Kazakhstanians. The 50 ft obelisk, made of corrosion-proof metal, rises on the wide alley coming out of the City Park. This monument is devoted to the soldiers of the northern Kazakhstan, who did not come back from the Great Patriotic War, is erected by their grateful descendants on the 25th anniversary of the Victory over fascist Germany, on May 8, 1970. The monument is represented by an incorporated set of silvery threads. A laurel wreath is on its obverse side; a board with an inscription: "to the Soldiers of Petropavlovsk who have fallen in breakages for the Native land in days of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" is placed under the wreath.

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The “Abaj and Pushkin” sculptural composition The “Abaj and Pushkin” sculptural composition

The composition consists of two figures of great poets Abaj and Pushkin and symbolizes friendship between two people. The 5, 2 m high tree, uniting both figures as an eternity symbol, at the same time separates an epoch of creations of these outstanding persons. The author of the monument is Satybaldin K.K., the architects are Bajmagombetov S.K. and Zataj V.V. The composition is made of bronze; its pedestal is made of granite.

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Mountain-piala Sherkala Mountain-piala Sherkala

Who really wanted to know Mangistau region, he must have been to the magnificent mountain canyons, which crowns a beauty-Sherkala. Some argue that it resembles a bowl, which turned sated traveler. Others claim that the mountain looks like a tent on the one hand, and on the other hand - on Hidden beast. Stands in the middle of the desert expanses proud Sherkala - Mountain - Sphinx ...

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Almaty Region Almaty Region

The Almaty region was formed on March 10, 1932, its area is 224 thousand square kilometers. The region is located in the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan , in the east it borders on China, in the south on Kyrgyzstan. The administrative center is the town of Taldykorgan.

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