West-Altai state reserve West-Altai state reserve

West-Altai state reserve was organized in 1992. its area is 56.3 thousand ha.

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«Atameken» - map of Kazakhstan «Atameken» - map of Kazakhstan

Ethno-memorial complex «Atameken» - map of Kazakhstan» GKKP (state municipal public enterprise) «Ethno-memorial complex «Map of Kazakhstan Atameken» was opened on 8 September, 2001, on the initiative of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Here, on the territory of 1.7 hectare, one can see the country in a full view and familiarize oneself with its architectural-landscape history.

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Monument to Kenessary-khan Monument to Kenessary-khan

While walking along the embankment our attention is attracted by the bronze figure of horseman on granite pedestal. This is the monument to restored Kazakh nationhood, monument to Kenessary-khan.

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Monument to S.Seyfullin Monument to S.Seyfullin

There is a monument in the quiet old center of the capital. It is a handsome intelligent man in classic suit sitting on the chair and his coat is on the back of the chair…

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Monument «Otan korgaushylar» Monument «Otan korgaushylar»

Monument «Otan korgaushylar» is one of the most beautiful monuments in the country. On the square, elevated from the ground by a granite foundation, a bronze stele is situated. The central figure of the monument is a woman. She holds a golden cup, which is the symbol of peace and prosperity.

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Eternal Flame Eternal Flame

Monument for Dzhezkazgan soldiers who fell during the Great Patriotic War. Erected in 1982. Sculptor Andreev, architect K. Turlybaev.

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Monument to Metallurgists Monument to Metallurgists

Monument to Metallurgists - one of the symbols of the city

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Nurzhol Boulevard / Round Square Nurzhol Boulevard / Round Square

A row of fountains, flower paths, and interesting national sculptures opens up before our eyes. Every fountain of the Nurzhol boulevard, formerly known as Water-green boulevard, has its own architectural shape and unique engineering solution performed according to the latest progress in the sphere of fountain building.

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Monuments of Atyrau Monuments of Atyrau

Monuments of Atyrau city might also be interesting for tourists. These monuments include the monument of composer and kuyshi of classic Kazakh music – Kurmangazy (1818 – 1889), the monument of the son of Kipchaks and the sultan of Egypt – Sultan Beibars (1225-1277) and many others.

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Средневековая мечеть Средневековая мечеть

Средневековая мечеть, ІХ-ХІІІ вв.в центре Древнего Рабада города Тараз.

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