Abdykadyr Mosque - the 20 century. Abdykadyr Mosque - the 20 century.

It was built in the beginning of the 20th century. It is located in Abai Str., 5 in the city of Taraz. The original entrance part of the complex is of great artistic value as it is the only sample of “Darbaza” monumental construction on the territory of the region.

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Monument of nature Goose flight Monument of nature Goose flight

Opening Paleontologi of a site "Goose flight" with such rich fauna animal neogen of the period (25 - 2 mln. years) has resulted in Pavlodar Priirtyshye poleozoologist from all former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, all found out poleomaterial was taken away by the scientists, since in first in Pavlodar in that time yet was not edge conducting of a museum, in second there was no scientific organization, which could ensure study and safety paleontologi of the rests.

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Mosque «Nur-Astana» Mosque «Nur-Astana»

The fantastic outline of the left bank of Astana, since 22 March, 2005, has become the peculiar frame of a new capital point of interest – the Central Mosque «Nur-Astana». It looks quite unexpected in the neighborhood of super-modern houses, but harmonious. Elegance of the Orient is interlaced with the ensemble of glass, concrete, steel, granite, and alucobond.

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Аndasai state natural reserve Аndasai state natural reserve

It was founded in 1966. Its total area is 1,000,000 hectares. It is located in Moiynkum district on the right bank of the Shu River to the west of moiynkum village. The reserve was founded for preserving and increasing the population of wild animals and bird.

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“Karakunuz Urochishe” state natural botanical reserve “Karakunuz Urochishe” state natural botanical reserve

“Karakunuz Urochishe” state natural botanical reserve was founded in 1971 and its territory covers 3,100 hectares.

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Double-minaret mosque Double-minaret mosque

Double-minaret mosque – architector - Bolbatov, engineer-lieutenant - Manashev. 1856-1862. It is a monument of city planning and architecture. A sample of the cult Muslim architecture of the XIX century. The mosque is built by the Tatar merchants on the Turkish project. Mosque is acting.

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Zerenda Zerenda

Zerenda is the part of extensive territory allocated with mountains and hills, covered with wood, small lakes and the rivers which have settled down on the Kokshetausky height.

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Khan - Tengri - mountain top, the Republic Kazakhstan highest point on border with Kyrgyzstan and China, on one given-6995 m., on other-7010 m. is in east part of Central Tjan-Shanja in a ridge of Tengri-Tag. Central Tien Shan it is located in Average and the Central Asia, basically in Kyrgyzstan (the western part) and China (east part), partially in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

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Palace of Peace and Concord Palace of Peace and Concord

The eighth wonder of the world, as some people already called this building, was constructed in the form of regular pyramid with height of 62 m and the same width of basement. This construction is based on artificial 15 m mound.

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Bridge over the Irtysh River Bridge over the Irtysh River

The bridge over the Irtysh river, opened on Oct. 17, 2000, became a business card and landmark of Semei city. Construction project of the bridge was proposed by Japanese Company Isakavadzima Harima Heavy Industries, Ltd and by local government of East Kazakhstan region.

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