State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel" State National Natural Park "Altyn-Emel"

Altyn-Emel State National Nature Park is sprawled in the heart of Central Asia, in the valley of the Ili River, about 150 kilometres away from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city. The Singing Sands, an old tree that witnessed Gengis Khan warriors, Stonehenge in the Kazakh Steppes and many many more can be seen in Altynemel Naitonal Park.

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Karlag (Karaganda Prison Camp) Karlag (Karaganda Prison Camp)

Karlag was one of thousand prison camps called GULAG (or Main Department of Prison Camps. Organized during the time of mass political repressions in the Soviet Union in 1930's, the Administrative center of Karlag was located in Dolinka Village (50 km to south-west of today’s Karaganda city).

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Medeo Mountain Skating Rink Medeo Mountain Skating Rink

Medeo is the most high-mountainous sport complex in the world. The mild climate of the natural boundary, an optimum level of the solar radiation, the lowered atmospheric pressure, calm, pure mountain water from which the skating rink ice is prepared, have provided an excellent quality and have created fine conditions for achievement of high sports results.

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Kolsay Lakes Kolsay Lakes

Kolsay Lakes – one of the most beautiful places on Kazakh land. They are located at heights 1800, 2250 and 2700 metres above sea level. They are distinguished by the unique mountain watershed consisting of three natural zones and amazing variety of rare plants and animals.

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Lake Shaitankol Lake Shaitankol

Lake Shaitankol beautiful and unique lake which is located 5 km south-west of Karkaralinsk city in the mountains Bugyly at an hight of 1200 meters. The lake length is 60 m, width 40 meters. Lake surrounded by dilapidated granite rocks, pine trees germinated.

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Kiin-Kerish Kiin-Kerish

Natural boundary Kiin-Kerish is opened with erosion crust of multicoloured, mainly red clay. A city of spirits - such name is given to this place with unearthly, Martian landscapes. Washed away by water and wind clay form here very bright, freakish landscape. Puff tertiary clay with unimaginable on beauty and originality a corner with unique red, white and orange constructions. From a distance red clay rocks and breakages of Kiin-Kerisha are similar to a flame torn on a wind. Therefore it is named «Flaring cliffs».

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Beluha - snowy crown of Altai Beluha - snowy crown of Altai

Beluha mountain is one of natural monuments in East Kazakhstan region. It is the highest peak of Altai and of all Siberia.

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The Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, XIV century The Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, XIV century

This amazing erection was built in honour of a famous Turkic poet and Sufi mystic, Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The word “Yassawi” originates from “Yassy”. That was the ancient name of Turkestan. The whole city is a historical and cultural reservation of Khazret Sultan. Except the Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawy, there are medieval bath houses and khilvet, where the great Saint was living, the mausoleum of great-granddaughter of Timur Rabiya – Sultan Begim and other monuments.

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Otyrar Otyrar

The Otyrar oasis is the pearl of Archeology of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Continued archaeological research, conservation activities, development of tourism infrastructure - an important component of the integration of the monuments of the oasis in the list of World Cultural Heritage.

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Underground mosque Becket - Ata Underground mosque Becket - Ata

It seems, the Creator of the universe had intended to give mountains to these regions, but changed his mind and lifted the steppe only three hundred meters, forming Ustyurt plateau with steep cliffs, spurs and chalk escarpment. Truly fantastic landscape! Standing on the edge of escarpment, you can enjoy the flight of rare birds. Here is an amazing building - underground mosque Sufi Becket-Ata.

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