In Uralsk, all is quiet talk of possible terror attacks

- Do not threaten public safety: it is possible to walk to work, send their children to school or daycare center, walk the streets. Police denied the rumors about the burned bus route 22, and a brawl-brawl in a mosque last Friday. - To us, such information has been received. If this happens, why not call the police? - Asked Shadiyar Aytkaliev. - I would call, we would have responded. All calls - complaints and appeals - are automatically registered. For every information we respond, recheck it. Now the police operates normally. On the eve of Constitution Day was held preventive operations "Law and order", from August 28 to September 1, OPM conducted another "Safe City". This means that you have a custody order still reinforced. But, according to the head of Internal Affairs, it has nothing to do with possible terrorist attacks allegedly by the followers of non-traditional religious movements. - We can not dictate to anyone what to wear, whether to shave his beard. This is the right of everyone - said Shadiyar Aytkaliev. - But for any suspicious persons showing police attention. To work with the NSC and the Department of Justice. By the way, according to police, "suspicious persons" from among the followers of non-traditional religious movements over the past year was no more.


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