September 25 its 70 anniversary celebrated Osakarovsk district - one of the main granaries of the Karaganda region.

 - Particularly active area was developed in the postwar years. Bright page in its history was the development of virgin land. This time has given a lot of wonderful people. So, forever inscribed their names in the history of the region's Heroes of Socialist Labor Khairulla Baygabylov, Ivan Ivanov, Ivan Petrov, Alexander Nikiforovich Weaver and Gregory V. Yarovoy, - said the Akim of the region. 
And just in the area is open 7 Heroes of Socialist Labor, more than 50 holders of the Order of Lenin, a State Prize of the Kazakh SSR, a laureate of Lenin Komsomol. Hundreds of workers of the district were awarded orders and medals. For the special merits of 45 people awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen Osakarovskogo District. 
- New page in the history of the area opened with Kazakhstan's independence. Today, Oscar district - is a vivid example of successful implementation of socio-economic reforms under the leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev - Serik Akhmetov said. 
For its anniversary district came up with good indicators in the economy and social sphere. 
A qualitatively new level rose agrarian sector of economy in which there are about 600 agricultural enterprises and 9,000 farms of the population. Application of new technologies, especially resursovlagosberegayuschih allowed to raise the efficiency of agriculture and productivity. As a result, only the first 8 months of this year produced gross $ 8 billion. 
Was further developed by industry. Enterprises of the district since the beginning of the year produced goods worth 1 billion 400 million tenge, or 60% more than the same period last year. Coal mine "Youth" produced 4.5 million tons of coal, more than last year at 584 thousand tons. 
One of the priorities is the development of entrepreneurship. By small and medium-sized businesses produced goods and rendered services worth more than 4 bln. 
The district has a great educational and cultural potential, the base of which are dozens of schools and cultural institutions. Build new homes, educational institutions and health care. Landscaping settlements, repaired roads, squares and streets. Implementing a program "Road Map". 
Serik Akhmetov, has congratulated the residents on the anniversary, wishing them health and prosperity, new labor achievements. 
Celebratory program also provides a theatrical song about the history of the area, a concert featuring pop stars, Kazakhstan and soloists concert association named Kali Baizhanova, equestrian competitions "Alaman-b? Yge", "? Nan zharys, audaraspa? Those? N alu "counter"? aza? ball to? "res", and other public events.



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