ХII regional Games of civil servants of the East Kazakhstan area
In Uralsk, all is quiet talk of possible terror attacks Urals by the Wahhabis - unsubstantiated rumors. This was announced at a press briefing organized by the Department of Internal Affairs of Uralsk. - No cases of murder or serious bodily injury in the last few days have been recorded - said the head of Internal Affairs of Uralsk, police colonel Shadiyar Aytkaliev.
"Our Newspaper". In exercises "the round stand" and "storting-compact" have acted 32 sportsmen of different age. To create it equal conditions, organizers have divided participants into 3 groups: "And" - sportsmen, "In" - hunters and "Veterans" - from 50 years also are more senior.
The exemplary studio of variety dance of "Blejz" of a regional Palace of schoolboys of M.M.Kataeva has won II place in a nomination «Variety dance» on International «dance Festival in Catalonia» Lloret де Mar (Spain) which passed - during the period from March, 26th till April, 2nd, 2011.
Шахматы – одна из древнейших игр, дошедшая до нас из глубины веков - «игра мудрецов», «гимнастика ума». Шахматы - это целый мир. Мир логики и эмоций, прекрасный и страстный мир с взлётами и падениями, радостями и печалями.
It is literally for half-day on December, 3rd in the regional center the present winter has come, and already in first half of day the city has become covered by a snow-white blanket
In his speech, the head of the region Serik Akhmetov said that over the years of the district made a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region, especially in agriculture.
70 regional journalists took part at the regional relay-race on 6 kinds of sport among the workers of mass-media which took place in Petropavlovsk at the 19th of September (mini-football, streetball, volleyball,chess,table-tennis,estafeta)
2010-09-09 | Silvered clubs
In the championship of Kazakhstan golf amateur Seimar Open, which already passed in the 13 th time, Kostanai athletes Bekarys Sultangazin and Roman Morozov in the national team of Kazakhstan won silver.
КОКШЕТАУ. 27 марта. КАЗИНФОРМ /Жанмурат Жанайдаров/ - Кокшетауский клуб по хоккею с мячом «Арлан», созданный прошедшей осенью, занял в своем первом сезоне 5 место среди 8 команд и планирует в следующем сезоне выйти в первые ряды. Как сообщил на совещании по подведению итогов сезона главный спонсор клуба, директор филиала АО «НК «Қазақстан темір жолы» Вячеслав Миронов, хоккеисты за сезон провели 59 встреч, победили в 27 из них. В ходе игр они забили 172 мяча, пропустили 159.
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