Kostanay city

 City of Kostanay was founded in 1879. At the beginning of XX century the city was a major trading center and was one of the important parts of the path connecting Asia and Russia. At the time, Kostanay city was a big fair, two-story wooden house, the air was dust and the streets were covered with sand. Despite this, a Swiss citizen Lorets (Lorez) has built the largest in the Southern Urals and on the territory of Kazakhstan plant production capacity of beer, which flowed in a specially branded bottles produced, in those days was uncommon. In 1950 the population of the city and the area has increased markedly in connection with the development of virgin lands. In the postwar period to date in the Kostanai region continue to meet the huge harvests of cereal crops. On the eastern edge of town, on the part of the Tobol River was established label with a five-meter numbers like this: "385 thousand tons of grain, where the number of tons updated every week.

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