General information


General information

Kostanai region is located in the northern part of Kazakhstan. Its administrative center - Kostanay city, founded in 1879, which is located on the Tobol River. In the 16 rural districts and 5 cities: Kostanay, Rudny, Lisakovsk, Zhitikara, Arkalyk. 

The region's territory is characterized by relatively flat relief. Northern part of the south-eastern outskirts of the West Siberian lowlands to the south of it is Torgay plateau in the west region - Trans-undulating plain plateau and the south-west - spurs Saryarki.

The climate is continental, with a pronounced alternation of four seasons. Average temperature in January-18-190S, July +19 +220 C. In winter during the week the temperature reaches minus 25 mark-30C. In the summer - up to 30 C. The annual rainfall of 300-350 mm. in the north region, 240-280 mm. the south.

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