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Address: Altynsarinsky rayon, selo Sherbakovo
Reservation: Kostanay city, Baitursynova str.72.
telephone: +7 (7142) 544-904 (consultation), 545-484 (manager)
+7 777 4278642
fax: 540-324

Recreation centre «Selena» is located in one of the most beautiful places of Kostanayskaya oblast, in Arakaragai forest, near to the forest lake, water of which is famous for its medicinal features. Birchwood, pine forest, blooming meadows and the freshness of the lake create unforgettable rest atmosphere. We can present to our guests comfortable hotel rooms: sauna, television, modern design of rooms, forest café, places for picnics, beach, guarded parking place. Our recreation centre is the beautiful place as for corporative events, and for peaceful family rest on nature.
At the same time we can receive next to 100 guests, collective applications accepted.

Discounts and advantages for continuously came guests. Welcome!

ZHAN DAUA Sportive-sanitary complex

Kostanay city 28 km

+7 777-784-39-63. +7 702-281-23-02. +7 777-28-66-089

two 2 floor buildings for 100 persons.VIP rooms for living, comfort rooms for 1,2,3 persons with all needed. SEPARATE COTTAGES: sleeping room, recreation rooms, kitchen, douche, BATHHOUSE on birch firewoods, SPORT COMPLEX: play room, training equipment, weight bar room, aerobics, douche, checkroom, OPEN AIR POOL 25*12m DINING ROOM for 100 persons, 3 times feeding, room-service


Kostanaysky rayon, poselok Novoselovka
Тel: +7 (7142) 228-776 24 hours Urgent order, reservation: +7 777 3761081
Along Uritskaya trassa, till poselok Novoselovka

Summer brings hot and beautiful days. Especially great to spend them on nature, where active rest will give you a chance to forget about town fuss.
A few minutes will separate You from town and You will find yourself in a picturesque place on the territory of «Belaya yurta»
Atmosphere of a hospitable Kazakhstan, where on a hot day You can take a look on the picturesque surroundings and feel the cool from the pool. In the evening You can have a rest sitting with friends in pergolas, which are situated in a birch wood, where on your eyes cook will prepare shashlyk for You.
Everyone who comes to «Belaya yurta», doesn’t want to leave it. Little Finn houses, which are spread on the territory, amaze with silence and neatness, which is dissolve in the scence of forest, flowers and water. Here You can find everything, what You need for active rest – football field, tennis field, darts, summer café «Ak kayn». The zest of this place is beautiful building in the form of Kazakh yurta, the restaurant is in it. According to this building this place have received its name. It is the best place for family rest and of course, for weddings. The design of the main room of restaurant is made like shanyrak, with passage to the little hall, which is also made like yurta with modern design.
On the territory of recreation centre there are some massive cottages, which are situated in the pine forest, covered with trees from the sun and full with fresh pine air.
There is a little pool for children with lights and fountains, and for adults there is a pool with spring water and hydro massage.
Three bathes on firewoods, with water from springs, bars-kitchens, cocktails, fresh beer, and rest on the summer terrace.
Welcome with Your families! Parking, safety, confidentiality and perfect service are guaranteed!




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