Sanatorium-recreational complexes

Sanatorium "Sosnovy bor"
According to the famous legend, conqueror Tamerlan, who was coming after the conquer of India, took natural therapeutic bathes in one of forest lakes, and was amazed with the results. Historically approved: the tower "Kesene", located between the cities of Kostanay and Chelyabinsk, is under the protection of Chelyabinsk historical museum. The tower was constructed by slaves in one night in honor of the perished little daughter of Tamerlan.
Natural lakes with therapeutic water are located near the city of Kostanay, where the forestries of "Aman Karagai" and "Ara Karagai" begins. Forests are rich with everything, what the nature can give: wild-fowl, beasts, mushrooms, berries etc. And air… it whirl your head. You will feel freshen cheerfulness and lightness, when will come to this amazing area.
In period between the 1960 and 1975 years the research of the lake, located in the rayon of selo Sherbakovo, Amangeldinsky rayon of Republic of Kazakhstan, were conducted, where the miraculous features of water were discovered. Here the huge reserves of mineral water were discovered. In the lake surroundings was created the therapeutic complex base - "Sosnovy bor", and later in the year of 1981 - sanatorium. Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" situated on the distance of 45 км from Kostanay,on the territory of Arakaragai forestry.
The sanatorium has the 7 floor living building with capacity of 316 beds, and comfortable buildings with capacity of 40, 9 and 25 rooms. The unique natural therapeutic opportunities of sanatorium are the base of sanatorium-therapeutic service, where the 3 floor building is used, equipped with medical and diagnostic equipment and laboratories. In the process of therapy the natural resources are being used: mineral water, which directly comes from springs, therapeutic mud.
Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" have the stationary pool filled with mineral water, sport hall with training equipment, comfort sauna, Russian bathes, which situated on the lakes bank. In the process of therapy we use physiotherapy, mud therapy, aqua therapy. The main therapy factor is the mineral water.
Statements for therapy:
- Gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, esophagitis, stomach ulcer, duodenitis, colitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, peritoneal commissures)
- Cardiovascular system (hypotonia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stenocardia)
- Musculoskeletal (radiculitis, deforming arthrosis, polyarthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, rheumatic gout)
- metabolic imbalance (diabetes mellitus, obesity)
- skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, allergic diseases)
- diseases of nervous system (neurotic, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, posttraumatic, вегето- vascular dystonia)
- respiratory diseases (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, antritis, otitis, pharyngitis)
- Gynaecological/female disorders (andexit, peritoneal commissures, barrenness, menopause)
- urogenital system diseases (prostatitis, impotence, cystitis)
Sanatorium present the next medical services:
- Water therapy: mineral, contrasting and vortical bathes, stream douche irrigation of gastrointestinal tract with mineral water, gynaecological irrigation.
- Mud therapy: mud patterns, masks, plugs, грязевые аппликации, маски, тампоны, electrotype mud.
- Physio therapy: inhalation, ингаляция, ultraviolet imaging, UHF, microwave frequency, magnet therapy, amplipulse therapy, electric sleep, ozokerite
- Mechanical massage, vibromassage
- Gynaecological and procedure cabinets
- Consultation of doctors: therapeut, surgeon, gastroenterologist, gynaecologist, psychoneurologist, ur(in)ologist, cardiologist
- Therapeutic gymnastics, swimming in the pool with mineral water.


Recreational-entertainment complex "Zhailau"

111100 Коstanay region
Аltynsarinsky rayon selo Sherbakovo tel. 522-101, fax: 522-102, бух. 522-103
web site: www.
Restorative-entertainment complex "Zhailau" opened his doors to all visitors in January of 2009 year. Comfortable buildings situated in picturesque place, rounded with pine forest, on the bank of mineral lake, with capacity of more than 200 persons. 6 VIP cottages, equipped according to Euro standards with all, that is needed for comfort living. Preventorium with the rehabilitation and most modern equipment, first class restaurant with capacity of 200 persons with 5 VIP salons, with modern equipment and cuisine for gourmets. Separately there is billiard building with 3 billiard tables and bowling with 4 bands. 2 bathhouses with spring-board. On the bank of the lake there is a sand beach with the deck-chairs and a pier with summer cafe, children’s playing area, volleyball area, asphalted road for skateboarding and bicycles. All of these in combination with amazing, air, with aroma of pines and grass.
Recreational-entertainment complex "Zhailau" has the large health recreation base. For visitors there are:
Computer diagnostics of organism
Computer extension of backbone and joints
Magnet, laser and infrared therapy BTL
Mineral, iodine-bromine, anticellulite bathes
Hydromassage bathes "Ocean"
Hydromassage bathes "Lagune"
Vortical massage bath for hands
Vortical massage bath for legs
Douche Sharko, Scotland douche, Circular douche
Inhalations with mineral water and grass decoctions
Ozokerite paraffin treatment
Transduodenal lavement of liver, gall-bladder
Express diagnostics of helicobacteriosis
Massage, Fitobath, SPA-procedures, pool, Jacuzzi, aqua aerobics.




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