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GKKP «Kostnay region philharmonic society of E. Umurzakovа»
Rjstanay city, Tarana str. 85. тel. 575-360
Guests of our philharmonic society: National artist of Republic of Kazakhstan Roza Baglanova and Asanali Ashimov

Collectives of philharmonic society

1. Orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments
2. Group «Таlisman»
3. Orchestra of Russian folk instruments
4. Boys chorus
5. Group «Аuen»
6. Chamber orchestra
7. Dance ensemble
8. Group «Kristall»
9. Ensemble of Slav songs
The main mission of philharmonic society is popularization of Kazakh nation'sachievements and moral breeding of youth generation, as far as popularization of cultural heritage of Republic of Kazakhstan, search and exposure of perspective art collectives, musical and aesthetic education and formation of musical tastes of youths, organization of authors' competitions, active partnership with other culture departments for creation of new forms on the base of the best traditional and modern musical culture's works of art.


Kostanay city, Altynsarin str. 115
Теl. 8 –(7142) 54-19-80
Fax 8 – ( 7142) 54- 19 – 80

2000 year - «Regional house of Arts» was opened by the decision of Akim of Kostanay oblast, dated 21.09.2000 year.
Here presented:
-12 art unions and amateur associations;
- computer hall;
- youth disco hall
In 2002 year was opened model agency «Hanym»
In 2006 year on the basis of GKKP «Regional house of Arts» was opened House of Friendship of the Nations Assembly of Kazakhstan.
In 2008 year was opened exhibition hall.
«Regional house of Arts» coordinates the organization of international actions, such as:
- Competition of children’s songs «Zolotoi mikrofon»;
- Festival «Vstrecha na granice» with invitation of art organizations from border regions;
Wishes to participate in international competitions (Germany, Spain, Baltic countries etc…) of creative youths find support here.

GKKP «Kostanay oblast Palace of culture»
Аdress: Kostanay city,Peronnaya str., 20
теl: 536-550; 534-639; 901-139
Regional Palace of culture is the leading cultural centre of oblast. Celebrations of considerable and minor events of oblast and city held here, there is a system of traditional art works, which became essential part of cultural city life. The development of new projects and new ideas for realization, introduction to the practice of regional clubs.
In the Kostanay oblast Palace of culture there is a unique experience of time-off activities.
For realization of targets of intellectual development was developed the complex program of activities, which includes innovations and new technologies, like these competitions: competition of aksakals «Atalar osiety», competition of Kazakh folk instrumental ensembles «Dombyra-dastan», competition «Otanym-otbasym», students aytys «Zhas tulpar», Kazakh folk instruments event « Strun veshih plamennye zvuki», master-classes, intellectual games, agitation and artisan performances, cinema programs, literature-musical rings, orator art competitions, video presentations and etc.

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