The city of Karaganda

The city of Karaganda is an industrial center, an important railway and air routes, the city of high science and culture, a lively point of many tourist routes. The city was founded on February 10, 1934. In economic, scientific and cultural potential of Karaganda takes one of the leading places in Kazakhstan, which has 471.8 thousand people and representatives of more than 113 nationalities. The territory of the city is 497.8 square kilometers. In Karaganda coal mining, machine building, metalworking and food industries are enterprised. In the city there are a large number of enterprises of transport and communications. It is believed that the city got its name from the common in these places bush Karagan (yellow acacia). Even in the XIX century on а place of the city was nothing. Legend says that in 1833 a shepherd boy Appak Baizhanov found coal. At the end of XIX century the production of coal, begun from Russian merchants, then the French and British entrepreneurs. Cultural life of the city is an interesting and diverse. In the town of connoisseurs of art are waiting for the concert hall "Shalkyma", where recitals of classical music are the composers, conductors and musicians. Also, residents and visitors welcome to Kazakh Drama Theatre after name S.Seyfullin, Russian Drama Theatre after name K.Stanislavskii and Academic Theater of Musical Comedy, Karaganda Regional History Museum has in its fund of 134 810 exhibits. The Karaganda Regional Museum of Arts, Karaganda Ecological Museum, which are specialized in the preservation and development of ecological culture. Within the city there are about 50 monuments of history and culture: Culture Palace of the miners, Sports Palace named after N.Abdirov, hotel "Chaika", the circus, monuments for Bukhar zhyrau, G.Mustafin, A.Baizhanov "Miner's Glory", military glory monument "Eternal Flame", architectural memorial ensemble in honor of the war-Karaganda, who died in Afghanistan, and others.

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