Temirtau – the city of the first president

Temirtau is the largest satellite town of Karaganda, which is located on the left bank of the Nura River, 35 kilometers northwest of Karaganda. The city was founded in October 1, 1945 on the former village of Samarkand, which was renamed in Temirtau, which translates as "Iron Mountain", because here was a start in life Kazakh Metallurgical Plant, which is popularly known as Kazakhstan Magnitogorsk. Construction of the city and its industrial facilities connected with the period of development of the Karaganda coal basin. In the most difficult war years, when many industrial areas were occupied by the USSR, the State Defense Committee decided to build a steel plant near the city of Karaganda. December 31, 1944 Kazakh steel plant came into operation. Currently, the city is 29,610 hectares, which is home to 175,267 people. As its economic specificity Temirtau is a major industrial center with well-developed infrastructure. The city has 1,201 enterprises. The structure of industrial production Temirtau the following subsectors: iron and steel industry and metal processing, chemical industry, food processing and milling industry, electric power, manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral products. Temirtau is known in Kazakhstan and abroad, as the city of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, where he spent a lot of his work. During his stay in the Karaganda region Head of State always comes in Temirtau, meets with veterans of labor and the working youth of Kazakhstan Magnitogorsk, teachers and students of the Karaganda Metallurgical Institute. Temirtau is the a city of high culture and fine art amateur teams, known far beyond the Republic. Cultural institutions take visitors on a daily basis, giving for Temirtau people complete rest and peace of mind. They are: Theatre for Children and Youth; History Museum, City Cultural Palace, a recreation park, House of Culture of the Deaf, culture and leisure center "Aktau", two cinemas. In the city Temirtau there are monuments of culture, which emphasizes the city skyline, the building of Theatre for Children and Youth, the building of the Palace of Culture, Monument of temirtau-warrior people who died in the Great Patriotic War.

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