How to get to Karkaraly

Karkaraly is a pearl of Kazakshtan, one of the most picteresque places in the country. You can choose one of the following ways to travel to Karkaraly:

From Astana
In order to travel to Karkaraly from Astana, it might be better to get to Karaganda first. A trip from Astana to Karaganda is about 2,5-4 hours, depending on a transport, and from Karaganda to Karkaraly is about 3 hours on a taxi and more on a bus. A distance between Karaganda and Karkaraly is 220 km.

From Almaty
Karaganda is the best gateway to get to Karkaraly, since it is a capital city of Karaganda region, where Karkaraly is situated. It is easy to get to from Almaty to Karaganda by flight, alternatively, buses and trains can also be used. Further, in order to get to Karkaraly from Karaganda, one should take a bus or a taxi.

By train
In order to travel to Karkaraly by train, it might be easier first to get to Karaganda (though the closest railway station to Karkaraly is Karagayly). Next, a taxi or a regular bus can be taken to get from Karaganda to Karkaraly.
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By car
If you decided to travel to Karkaraly by car, an automobile road map of Karaganda region might be useful for you.

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