Karkaralinsk - the oldest and ever young city of Karaganda region. Its history began with a small steppe village, which was remote in a valley of the mountain river. Caravans from Central Asia were going to Siberia through it.
A fortress was laid here in August 1824. Three years later it became the Cossack belonging. In 1869 Karkaralinsk got the status of the district city. In XIX century it was an important trade center.
The famous Koyandinsk fairs became a locomotive in development of trade economic relationships and cultures, Gradually Karakaralinsk became a large public-political centre where known politicians came, figures of the literature and art, educators, scientists and travelers. One of the the most remarkable descriptions of Karkarals was made by a prominent kazakh scientist - an ethnographer, historian and geographer Shokan Ualihanov.
Some notes about Karkaralinsk were left by the Russian gravellier Grigoriy Potanin. The House of the merchant Andrey Ryazancev, at which the famous scientist Potanin stayed more than one hundred years ago, is protected in the city as a monument of history and culture.
The Fundamental scientific works about Karkaralinsk came into being in 1865 in the second volume "Geographic-statistical dictionary of Russian empire", published under editing of Professor Semenov Tjanshanski. People in Russia learned then for the first time about green oasis of the mountain caves and monuments of history of the primitive culture.
The history of Karkaralinsk is connected with the name of the great kazakh educator, poet-translator, composer and teacher Abay Kunanbaev. His father, senior sultan of Karkaralinsk neighborhood Kunanbay kashi perpetuated his name by erection of a Moslem mosque and by his charity. Karkaralinsk is called a Kazakhstan Switzerland. The nature here is fairy-tale beautiful.
In Karkaralinsk the air is wonderfully clear. It is so saturated with coniferous airwaves that the local inhabitants are not concerned about the safety of even the most gentile food products. Hunters and cattle breeders have left their milk and meat under coniferous giants for centuries, not fearing that their food will spoil.
The abundance of source is a typical particularity of Karkaralinsk Mountains. Water is fresh and very pure therein. The citizens of Karkaralinsk particularly remark the spring of Suukbulak, which is said to have the wonder-working medical characteristic. Water in spring is mildly carbonated by nature and beats with small power about one half liter at a second. The annual temperature of the water amounts to 6 degrees. But old-timers assure that the spring never freezes and water in it keeps all the year round the same temperature. The wood rivers of Karkaralinsk -Big and Small Karkaralinki- meet together, and their general riverbed is called Kurozek.
Mountains of Karkaralinsk are famous for their own lakes. The Devil’s lake, or Shaytankoli, in the steppe hillocky area is considered to be a mountain reservoir. Everything the lake itself and adjoining woods are beautiful, a winnows mystery of the ancient legends is exceeding from them. One of the most beautiful places of Karkaralinsk Mountains is Lake Pool. The amazing creation of the nature, it is located high in the mountains and presents a natural chalice of a wonderful correct square-wave form, reminding a pool. The Tetragonal stone bath with responding edge-coast, full of pure transparent water.
The Kentski mountains is a comparatively young mountain array. The untamable steppe wind, as a patient sculptor, sculpted only one plot it knew. The wind has added the mountain Kent whimsical forms, that you do not see anywhere.
Enigmatic Kentski Mountains are attracting archeological expeditions and lenses. But the nature does not hurry to reveal to persons their own secrets.
Flora of Karkaralinsk oasis is rich and varied. The Wood is girding the mountains of Karkaralinsk. The coniferous wood is dominating, particularly pine. Mixed and leafy wood approximately amount to10-12 percents. There is birch, aspen, osier, a kind of cherry tree. Karkaralinsk is a native land of smooth wormwood. Of this rare plant anticancer remedy called arglabin is produced at Karaganda institute of photochemistry for treatment of the cancerous diseases.
Today Karkaralinsk occupies an important place in economic and cultural life of independent Kazakhstan. More than 10 places of holidays are functioning here, including holiday home "Miner" of Karaganda coal department and a holiday place of Buketova Karaganda State University. Each year autumn rallies of tourists of Central Kazakhstan are held here

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