How to get to Balkhash

Resort hotels and holiday villages on the shore of Balkhash lake are mainly located not far from Balkhash city, in about 6-12 km, in villages of Chubar-Tubek and Torangalyk. These villages can be reached by a taxi from Balkhash.
The following information describes how to get to Balkhash city using different types of transport, from different cities.

From Astana
A distance between Astana and Balkhash is 600 km. In order to get from Astana to Balkhash, one can use a car, a bus or a train. It should be noted, that a trip from Astana to Balkhash on a train takes more than 20 hours. Getting to Balkhash on a bus will take about 9 hours.
There are no direct flights from Astana to Balkhash, a flight, offered by Zhezkazgan Air three times per week, can be taken from Karaganda (a city in 2-3 hours drive distance from Astana).

Flights to Balkhash
Regular flights three times per week operate from Karaganda to Balkhash. The flights are offered by Zhezkazgan Air company. More information is available at the Information Offices of Karaganda Airport.

On a train
In order to get to Balkhash city on a train, one should choose Balkhash Railway Station as a destination. Tickets are available at website.

On a car
If you decided to travel to Balkhash on a car, you might need a map of automobile routes of Karagandy region.


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