The cost of Lake Balkhash and city of Balkhash

The Balkhash Lake is a large inland of water after the Caspian and Aral seas. The lake - 614 km, width - from 3.5 to 44 km, maximum depth is 26 m. The phenomenon of Balkhash is different mineralization on its western and eastern parts connected by a narrow strait. Western basin that receives water from the previously abundant in the Ili River - fresh, eastern part of lake is salty. Nature of Balkhash is amazing and full of contrasts. Reservoirs Ili-Balkhash basin is one of the most significant in terms of biodiversity and the reproduction of valuable fish species. The lake is located in three regions of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda. To the north of the lake stretches vast Kazakh hills to the west stretches Betpak Dala, and in the south are the Chu-Ili mountains, sand Taukum, Saryesik-Atyrau. The first historical and geographical information about the Lake Balkhash appeared in the Chinese, who, having contacts with Central Asia, before others could get acquainted with this region. The lake is about 20 species of fish, also has 120 species of birds, of which 12 were in the Red Book. The largest town on the shore of the lake - the city of Balkhash, which is located 380 km from Karaganda at bay Bertys with 75.6 thousand inhabitants. The city was founded in 1937 on the basis of the settlement Pribalhashstroy, in connection with the construction of copper smelting plant. The history of the city is closely linked with the development of the Balkhash mining and metallurgical complex Balkhash is one of the most important centers of ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan. In 1967 at the London International Exhibition Balkhash copper was recognized as the global benchmark for copper. Recreational potential of the lake and surrounding attractions (the mountains Bectauata, riparian forests) attract many tourists. For several years, various sports events in the movement to save the lake. At the Lake Balkhash very popular types of recreation are beach tourism, water sports: sailing, rowing and canoeing, sport fishing. On the coast of Lake Balkhash is located more than 9 zones relaxation of large industrial enterprises of the region and private entrepreneurs, which has created conditions for recreation for more than 4 thousand people a year. Along the western shore of the lake is part of the highway Almaty - Ekaterinburg, which also has a positive impact on the development of the city. One of the natural attractions of the region is the mountain chain Bectauata – beautiful place of Northern Balkhash. The top of the peak Bektauata soars up to 1000 meters. In clear weather, the visibility of the picturesque landscape stretches for 100 km. Mountain Range Bectauata is not as extended (4000 ha), but it is decorated with a variety of cliffs and canyons. In the tract Bekctauata grow hundreds of plants, of which 45 are rare, and 8 are in the Red Book. Mountainside Bekctauata formed cave "Auliye" with fresh water, which is considered holy, and the water is healing.

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