Abai region

Abay region was  formed in 1997. The district is 6.5 sq. km The population is 56,0 thousand people. Distance to the regional center 30 km. The district center - town of Abai. In the district are large rivers: Sherubaev-Nur and Nur. There are two major reservoirs: Sherubaev Nurinskoe, Zhartasskoe. Here is Toparskoe reservoir, where there are about 19 private recreational areas. The largest therapeutic agency sanatorium Zhartas AP Mittal Timirtau Still, for the treatment of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract are used in such important kvartologii methods, such as mineral water and mud. The area is located Spassky Memorial zhert political repression, acts of literary-memorial museum of Abai Kunanbaev.

The region is located in Section Dolynka KGKP Museum of memory of the victims of political repression opened in 2002.

On the territory of Abay area inhabited by the following species: the wolf, deer, fox, Korsak, ferret, rabbit, partridge, rare and endangered species: argali, little bustard, swan, whooper, the Dalmatian pelican.

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