The hunt with the hunting birds


In the Shetski district (the district centre of Aksu-Ayuly) of Karaganda region is situated the unique in the Central Kazakhstan specialized planting on growing
and training of the hunting birds-golden eagle and falcon. There is here the school on education of art berkutshi, the kazakh public trade of production of leather products for going shooting with the hunting birds.
The Kazakhs have used the golden eagles, falcons for the trade’s hunting on vixens since old times. Well prepared birds can hunt on wolves, goitered gazelles. The teaching of the tamed baby birds, which are taken out exactly from the nest, demands a lot of time and the high professionalism. The prepared falcons, golden eagles are valued on the world market very expensive.
The hunting with the golden eagle and falcon is a traditional centuries-old original national type of the elite hunting, which is studied thoroughly with the hunt-inquiring scientists of biological faculty of Karaganda State university named Y. A. Buketov.


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