Ulytau (the great mountains) - historical centre of Kazakh folk, epicentre of the nomadic culture of steppe civilization. The Greatness of these ancient mountains is in the significance of events of national history of Kazakhstan. Ulytau were the most favorite place of khans of nomadic tribes. Headquarter of Zhoshy khan was located here. He was an elder son of great Chingishan; khan Bathy began from here his conquering march to the Orient.
In Ulytau were erected mausoleums of Zhoshy Khan and Alash khan - one of the founders of Turkic tribes. There were buried here khan of the Golden Horde Tohtamysh, the great horde general, emir Edyge, whose names are perpetuated in the folklore of Altai, Ural, the Crimea, the Northern Caucasus and Uzbekistan. On the stone plate of Ulytau Mountains Altynshoky the great Tamerlan left memory about his staying here in springtime in 1391.
Area Ulytau of Karaganda region became the Mecca for foreign tourists, which are interested in history of culture and geography of the settling folk of the Orient and Eurasia.
The monuments, which keep in themselves Ulytau, belong to the Paleolithic and Neolithic epochs.
The scientist-archeologists of history faculty of Buketov Karaganda State University discovered numerous stands of primitive people, their instruments of labour. On the bank of the river Karakengir the largest workshop in Kazakhstan of the Paleolithic epoch was discovered. On the river valleys were brought to light monuments of bronze – settlements, ancient cemeteries.
The secret of "burial mounds with moustache" has not been found out yet. The one archeologist supposes that these be tomb erections, the others assume - that this should be an ancient observatory, but students came to the conclusion that this be a ritual complex. The archeological excavations give witness that the local tribes were engaged in mining metallurgical handicraft three thousand years ago and exported to Iran, India and Greece copper, tin, silver and gold.
Ulytau is called "country of mountains, lakes and springs". People new about healing properties of spring water far away beyond this area. Russian and European ambassadors went to the general headquarter of Tartar –Mongols Karakorum. They certainly stopped to be treated by spring water of Ulytau.


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