The Lake Balkhash is called with love by the citizens of Kazakhstan as Kokteni which means in Kazakh language the blue sea.
Balkhash, which is for the space of a thousand kilometer, is rightfully considered to be the most ancient lake on the Earth. Its azure coast, fish wealth, miraculous water of the turquoise colour attracts tourists from near and distant abroad.
The level of water in Lake Balkhash has risen to one and a half metre recently, water became ecological clean, rare types of fish, which used to die out, were revived.
Lake Balkhash is located on the territory of Karaganda and Almaty areas, not too far from Astana. Such a profitable geographical position promotes the prosperity of the unique lake, which has no analogues in Eurasia. The most favorite holiday places on Balkhash are tourist centres, which are increasing each year. For example, the island Tasaral - the most beautiful and comfortable centre of healthy lifestyle for those who have holidays. The citizens of Balkhash call this island an earthly paradise.
The city of metalworkers and fishermen Balkhash will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2007. Mikhail Rusakov was the first man, who discovered ore of Kounrad origin that is located in twelve kilometers from the city of Balkhash. The Balkhash mining metallurgical plant was built in 1930s of the past century in record short period, and had already given on the eve of the Second World War the first copper - the most pure one in the world. And it had been demanding for severe years of the Great Patriotic War. Each second bullet was cast in copper.
The labor biography of the future first leader of soviet Kazakhstan Dinmuhamed Kunaev began In Balkhash. Here toiled at different times leader of the communist movement of Western Belarus Nadeshda Horunzhaya, akyn(Kazakh People’s artist) improviser Shashubay, Hero of the socialist labour Yuri Pobedonostsev. From Balkhasha to front were called Oleg Scherbakov, who was awarded Gold Star Hero of SOVIET UNION for his unprecedented courage and heroism in battles with German Wehrmacht, journalist Mahmud Kemelibaev, who leveled feather to a bayonet. In Balkhash are very popular sailing and water sport, swimming, rowing on kayaks and canoe, athletic fishing (including catch of fish under ice). Sandy and shallow-pebble beaches of lake of Balkhash were stretched out on many kilometers. Warm and fresh water attract water rest lovers, especially summer and winter amateur fishing. The indelible impression is abandoned by hunt on waterfowl and steppe feathery game, and also hunt on a wolf and fox in wide steppes of Sara-Arka.
There are in large demand ecological routes on natural reserve of Shunak, tourist routes to historical and archaeological places of Bekpat-daly, visit of deposits of blue marble, mossy agate, chrysoprase and others.
There are 19 areas of rest of major industrial concerns of the region and sole proprietors in Aktogayskiyi district on the coast of lake Balkhash, where the terms are created for rest for more than 4 thousand persons in a year. Tourists and holiday-makers are in a position to familiarize with the burial mounds of epoch bronzes, located in a 40 km from a district’s center Aktogay and 290 km from a regional center Karagandy. Enormous stone flags of three meters high served as a large tent for a burial place, a tomb is done in form rectangle.


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