In 1935 village Samarkand got the status of the city. The new city was named Temirtau (the Iron mountain) since the Kazakh metallurgical plant got here its pass into life, which is called in folk as Kazakhstan Magnitka.
Nursultan Nazarbaev, the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan began his labor activity at Karmetkombinat (Kazakh metallurgical plant) as a handyman of a steel-maker. The citizens of Temirtau are very proud of it. During his stay in Karaganda area the head of the state always arrives in Temirtau, meets with labour veterans and young workers of Kazakhstan Magnitka, with teachers and students of Karaganda metallurgical institute.
During the Great Patriotic war Shura Pahmutova was staying with her mother in Temirtau having been evacuated. She was fated later to become the prominent Russian composer and songwriter. Alexandra Pahmutova has saved for ever in her heart love to city of metalworkers Temirtau, where she was trained at children’s music school in class pianoforte.
The citizens of Temirtau love sport very much. They have at their disposal a water-athletic complex at the shore of Samarkand reservoir, a new mountain sky complex, beautiful Sport Palace with swimming pool, and a stadium.


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