Its name regional city Karaganda got from undersized shrubbery called karagana which blooms in springtime with yellow flowers.
Karaganda was founded in February in 1934. According to its economic, scientific, and cultural potential Karaganda occupies one of the leading places in Kazakhstan.
In honour of spacemen were named one of the streets of the city square of Yri Gagarin, hotels "Chaika "( Sea gull) and "Cosmonaut", -hotel with suites"Sozvezdie" (Constellation).
High service can be offered by the net of the restaurants and cafes where wide dish assortment of European and Eastern cookery is available. Tourists can enjoy casino, billiard-rooms, bowling-centre "Arman", tennis centre of the coal department, acquapark with sauna, and swimming pool. In summer you can swim and lie in the sun in Acqualand. The Guests of the city are always welcome in ethnographic park of 10-years of Independence of Kazakhstan, in central park of culture and rest, in park to memory of Warriors-Internationalists.
Music lovers are expected in the concert hall "Shalkyma", where composers, conductors, musicians,-performers, and vocalists perform author concerts of classic music. In art gallery, in show rooms, in museum of fine arts tourist will be acquainted with talented artists and sculptors, masters of decorative-applied arts of Kazakhstan. Museum of Local Lore is constantly updating its exposures which reflect stages of a long way, passed by citizens of Karaganda within seven decennial events.
New theatrical season is going to open in September of each year in Karaganda regional Kazakh and Russian drama theatres of the name Saken Seyfullin and Konstantin Stanislavski, and in academic theatre of music comedy. You can have a rest with your children in Karaganda state circus, in zoo, in puppet theatre "Buratino", at the shore of Fedorov reservoir. The children’s railway is working in the central park of culture and rest.
Kazakhstan is a multinational and polydenominational sovereign state. In Karaganda in peace and consent live Moslems, roman Catholics, orthodox Christians, Lutherans and other Christians. The religious services are conducted in the new moslem mosque, in Svjato-Vedenski orthodox cathedral, catholic cathedral of St. Josef and in other cult buildings, which church architecture corresponds to the Eurasian standard. You can enjoy the trade centers “Abzal”, Khalyk”, “Mir electronoki”, “City Mall”, hotels "Dostaralem", “Alatau”, “Merey”, the railway station, airport and central stadium "Shakhter".


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