The Karaganda region


      Karaganda region is situated in the very centre of Eurasia takes 428 thousand square km. It was founded in March, 1932. It is called Sary - Arka (the Golden steppe), because in spring the steppe is blooming with the golden-yellow colour.
      There live the representatives of more than 100 nationalities.
      The amazing animals dwell in Sary-Arka - they are arhars, goitered gazelles, the steepe antelopes, the saigas, the golden eagles, falcons, wolves and vixens
      There are more than 200 big and small rivers in the region, the largest of them are the Sarysu and the Nura.. In the lakes and rivers the burbots, pikes, perches, european carps, carps, pike perches, breams and other types of fish are found. In lake Balhash 20 varieties of fish dwell, from which 6 are typical only for this the largest Kazakhstan’s lake - they are the Bakhash perch, spotted and one-colored sloth bears and minnows.
      The part of the Great Silk way through Ulytau from the Central Asia was called "sarysuiskii", or "the copper" way. That confirms the extant caravan-saran, fortified settlings, feudal locks and guard towers. Due to the caravan way the civilization, crafts and trade had been developing. About it the archeological excavations by scientists witness.
      In 30-40 years of the XX century our region was the place of deportation of the repression by Stalin folks. Here the ethnic Koreans from the FAR EAST, the germen from the Volga region, west ukrainians and belorussians, poles, lithuanians, chechens, ingushes had been deported. Here had been stationed the sad famous Karlag, where with the backbreaking job the Stalin’s oprichniks "re-educated" scientist, clergymen, the working peasants , the Kazakhs, who believed in the God.
      After the Second World Ear in Spassk the concentration camp for german, japanese, italian and romanian prisoners of war had been stationed. At present the memorial of the Memory of the Victims of the Stalin’s totalitarianism is opened in Spassk.
      The Geographical position promotes that Karaganda region became the industrial centre of Kazakhstan. The Train service links Karaganda, Balhash and Zhezkazgan with the cities of the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The International airport "Sary-Arka" realizes the direct flights to Russia, Germany, Turciyu, and United Arabic Emirates. Through Karaganda region the car route passes, connecting Almaty with Astana, the capital in Kazakhstan is performing the international bus routes to the KNR, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russian cities, such as Moscow, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Sochi and others.
      The Facilities of organizations of the cultural rest, excursions offer more than 70 tourist companies of the region. In holiday home "Miner", "Sosnovyy bor", "Tasbulak" in Karkaralinsk region, in sanatoriums "Zhartas", "Zhosaly", in sports club "Tulpar" beside lake Balhash are offered rest, treatment, calculated on to any guest. There are 3 mountain-ski complexes; they are in the mountain-wood oasis in Karkaralinsk, on the hill of the mountain Zhaurtau in Temirtau, on the South-East of Karaganda, in the infrastructure of the atheletic-sanitary complex of the State University by E. А Buketov.
      Sary-Arka is always ready to render the truly Kazakhstan hospitality for the tourists from distant and near abroad.

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