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About the regions of Kazakhstan. Tourism regions of Kazakhstan The West Kazakhstan - is the gateway to the central and southern parts of Kazakhstan and to the Central Asia. The Western region is located on the northwest of the republic. On the north this area is surrounded by gently sloping foothills of the Ural Mountains, on the south of the region is surrounded by deserts of Turkmenistan, is located on the east of the Aral Sea, on the west the Caspian Sea. The surface of this part of Kazakhstan is predominantly plain, the position of this region of Kazakhstan within the large continent makes its climate is strongly continental. In summer the temperature rises to +45 degrees Celsius, in winter the temperature drops to - 45 degrees Celsius. Rivers in this region are small. The only river which reaches the Caspian Sea - the Ural, the other rivers for are dry in hot summer. Rich natural resources, favorable location, growing economy, associated with many cities in Russia and other countries create favorable conditions for the successful development of foreign economic activity of the region. The West Kazakhstan includes the Western Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Aktobe and Mangistau region. Its vast territory stretches 1,200 km from the north to the south and 1,300 km from the west to the east. The main rivers - Ural, Emba. The largest lakes - Inder, Aralsor, Kamys-Samara. The important role in the region is the Caspian Sea. In the region has more than 100 years is oil, Atyrau is the center of the extraction and conservation of black caviar. Through the whole territory of Mangistau over 2000 years was passed the Great Silk Road, now the most interesting tourist route. The presence of attractive landscapes in conjunction with the diversity of fauna Ustyurt reserve, unique monuments of nature and many historical and cultural monuments that abound Mangistau, the picturesque places of the coast of the Caspian Sea are of great interest for potential tourists. Aktobe region is one of the most important industrial areas of the Republic. The area is occupies the territory of about 300,000 sq km In the north of Aktobe region bordered by Russia, in the south by Uzbekistan. An interesting fact that from the east and west side of three Kazakh region adjacent to each other. In the east is Kostanay, Karaganda and Kyzylorda region, and in the west - Atyrau, Mangystau and West Kazakhstan region. Atyrau region - an area of the western Kazakhstan, where there are many mountain slopes and absolutely white stone spheres of fantastic shapes, sometimes reaching up to 2 meters in diameter. This protected area is located limestone plateau, which was once the bottom of a prehistoric ocean. The Caspian and Aral Sea - is the remnant of an ancient ocean. Dry steppe zone are replaced by marshy banks of the river Ural (Kazakh Zhayik), reminiscent swamps of Florida. This is a real paradise for waterfowl. It can swim only a hovercraft. Flocks of swans, ducks and geese rush past startled tourists affected by their myriad. Unique peninsula, so called by those who attended and those who live in Mangistau region. This region is rich in oil and gas, ores and minerals. Today Mangistau region is also the edge of the tourist and recreational facilities with a rich cultural heritage. Archaeological Sites On the north of Kyzana, on the Coast of Dead Kultuk were found ancient graves. They date back to about 4-5 centuries BC. Oe. Experts recognize that this discovery may provide a new information about ancient peoples Saxkey Massagetskogo period who roamed in these parts. Located 18 km from the town Shetpe the place Akmysh attracts tourists not only its own beauty, and the historical monuments of the ancient city of Kyzyl-Kala ("red city" in Kazakh). Three kilometers from Akmyshsaya are picturesque gorges of Samal and Sazanbay. 30 km from Fort-Shevchenko is another attractive place - the tract of Hanga-Baba. Spring water, thickets of hawthorn, blackberry, mulberry, elm, poplar. Here is an ancient necropolis of Hanga-Baba with the mosque. Tours on Mangyshlak Fascinating and extreme travel to Kazakhstan Traveling through Kazakhstan, even the most venerable international tourism experts come to the conclusion that almost a third of the country's tourism resources are concentrated in the Mangistau. It is warm Caspian Sea, washing the peninsula on three sides, and a rich cultural and historical heritage of the region with many historical and religious buildings and monuments dating from XIV-XVI centuries, and the earlier period. Mangistau is interesting and diverse landscapes: Karakaya basin, sands Thuesu, a ledge Kulandy, quaint mountain Tynymbay and Bokty, clay takyrs and white salinas, steep scarps and the pointed steeples Ustyurt plateau, and near the mountains Sherkaly scattered huge stone balls. Many animal species inhabiting on the territory of the region , and plants growing here are listed in the International Red Book and Red Book of Kazakhstan. The most interesting cemeteries of Mangyshlak - Becket-ata, Shopan-ata, Shakpak-ata, seis-ata, Masato Ata, Karaman-ata-ata Koshkar, Sultan-EPE, Hanga-Baba, Kent woman Ushtam, Akshora and others.

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