The Chronicle of Taraz

One of the ancient city Kazakhstan is Taraz, the remainder which hidden under with construction site of the modern city Taraza. The Mentioning about this city ed in chinese source of the medium 1 v. before n.e. and is bound it with political historian one of the first state on territory Kazakhstan, referred to as "Kangyuyskim association". Already the important trade role played in this time city on route of the Great Silk way. Thereby, age of the city on written source is defined at 2000 years. As one of the centre West-Turkic каганата, Taraz was a known byzantine historian. Exactly here, in city on coast Talasa, was sent embassy of the emperor YUstiniana at the head with strategist/military deputy/east territory Zemarhom Kilikiyskim, which took каган тюрков Dizabul /Истеми/. Happened this in 568, in peak ирано-byzantine wars, when each of these great empire searched for the ally on behalf of тюрков. Visitted in 630 city Syuani Czyan reports that Taraz - a significant shopping center, in he lives the merchant of the different countries. In that time city had in circumferences 8-9 li.,(i.e. 2,5-2,7 km). In 751 not far away from Taraza, in terrain Atlah, united power тюрков and arab has smashed the chinese army, but 893 Samanid Ismail ибн Ahmed has taken the city Taraz. Under Tyurgeshah, Karlukah, but then under Karahanidah Taraz was a capital, as well as one of the the most largest points on Great Silk ways. Thence, the roads went on Orient-in China, on west-in Iran, and Vizantiyu, on north-to кимакам and кыпчакам, on south-orient in CENTRAL ASIA. Around Taraza were found such known city, as Atlah, Lower Barshan, Dzhikili, Hamukat, Dzhuvikat. Here is that reports on Taraze in H age famous arabic travellier and geographer Scarlet-Makdisi: "Taraz-big reinforced city, with ensemble garden, густо occupied, beside it trench, four winches and populated рабад. Beside the second медины big river, for her part of city, through it there is transition. The Cathedral mosque amongst the market". Medieval Taraz was a populous city with тенистыми garden and noisy market, where possible was hear persian, согдийскую, turkic, chinese and slavonic speech. Before our days from that timeses ed such жемчужины moslem зодчества, as mausoleum Aysha-Bibi and Babadzhi-хатун, Karahan and Davudbeka. On the eve mongolian invasion city was a ruined troops Horezmshaha Muhammeda. Has Outlived Taraz and mongolian invasion. At the end XIII in city Taraz continued to remain the important centre in mongolian empire, but in державе Timura then. There was he known and later, up to XVI v., when land Semirechiya was included in Kazakh khanate. In 1856 city has got the new name Aulie-Ata "Saint old man", but in 1936 at January was renamed to g.Mirzoyan. At May 1938 city were given name Dzhambul, in honour of public акына Dzhambula Dzhabaeva. The Important stage of the development of the city Dzhambula, were 50 -70-e years. In this time is built variety of new buildings and industrial object, have got the development a construction, transport, enlightenment, здравохранение, science. the January 8 1997 President of the Republic Kazakhstan has taken the history edict about renaming g.Dzhambula (ZHambyla) in city Taraz. City is returned his(its) history name

General information on Taraz

The city of Taraz, which is located in the south - west part of the Zhambyl Oblast in the centre of Talas -Asa oasis, on the left bank of the Talas River. The population of the city is over 348,900 people and its territory covers 110 square kilometers (length extension is 23.5 km, width extension is 12.5 km.). The distance from Taraz to Astana (the capital) is 1,255 km.
Besides the regional center there are three towns of district subordination - Karatau, Zhanatas and Shu. Altogether in Taraz there are six archeological memorials (Taraz and Tortkul sites of ancient settlement of the 1st 17th centuries, Tonkeris manor of the 6th -12th centuries), 13 historic monuments, 53 memorials of architecture and urban planning, which reflect formation periods of the planning structure and the site development of historical part of the town, and seven pieces of monumental art.
Управление туризма,
физической культуры и спорта
акимата Жамбылской области

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