Shu district of Zhambyl region

Shu district is located in the south-cast of region; its territory is 12 000. The district is 94 316 people. The administrative center of Shu district is Tole bi village. In the district there is a cii;: district subordination Shu, which is 260 km away from the Taraz and 8 km away from region center. There are 88 monuments in Shu district, including 68 archeological monuments, 18 historic, one piece of monumental art and one architectural monument. Among archeological monuments there are three copper mining monuments of the Bronze Age and five pieces of rock drawings of the Bronze Age. Most of them (60 monuments) are burial mounds and barrows of the early Iron Age, mainly concentrated in the foothills of Kindiktas and Aitau. 11 sites of medieval settlements are located along the Shu valley, the largest of which are Aktobe, Stepninskoye, Aksutobe, Oktyabr, Tastumsyk, etc. There are also historic monuments in the district: Tasotkolskaya dam, which is a monument to production activity in the area, six monuments of war history, two monuments associated with the names of distinguished people in the field of culture, one piece of monumental art monumental sculpture to Tole Bi and one architectural monument Aidyn's mausoleum. One of the most important objects of research is religious memorial complex "Zhaisain' Sanctuary".

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