Sightseeing places of ZhambylOblast

Good climate, clean water, unspoiled nature with unique landscape, vast territories with rich landscapes and variety of rare and endemic species of plants and animals, unique flora and fauna are very attractive for ecological, scientific and nature tourism.
The oblast is specific for its variety of flora and fauna which includes over 3,000 species, including 50 of rare species registered in the Red Data Book. In the oblast there are over 158 species of wild animals. Large-toothed gophers, jerboas, hares, goitered gazelles, roes and saiga antelopes live in the deserts. Ibexes, argalis, bears, snow leopards, wolves, foxes, corsac foxes, badgers, weasels, etc. can be found in the mountains. There are also over 260 species of birds, including the whistling thrush, famous for its tuneful singing. The total area of hunting ground makes 13,900 hectares where over 40 species of animals live. Fish industry fund covers the area of 28,000 hectares and includes 59 ponds good for fish breeding.
Competitive advantage of Zhambyl oblast lies in its unique culture (historical tourism), picturesque wild nature (ecotourism: there are five auto and hiking routes developed around the canyons and sand dunes, there are also class-rated routes for mountaineering, high-mountain glaciers and passes for mountain trekking) and the opportunities for active kinds of recreation, such as sports tourism and extreme tourism.
In the region there are 5 health resorts with unique therapeutic muds and mineral water, a number of
comfortable hotels, cultural and entertaining centers and the "Auliye-Ata" airport. 28 travel agencies have state licenses for tourism activity. They can organize recreation tours and sightseeing trips around our region for the tourists according to their wish.
In Zhambyl oblast the following kinds of tourism can be very popular: ecological, horseback, hiking, tours on camels, rafting, ballooning, hunting, photo expeditions, etc.
The oblast has all preconditions for local and international tourism because it is located on a busy part of the ancient Great Silk Road (Sairam village -Taraz -Aksholak - Akyr-tobe station - Kulan Merke - Shu -Aspara - Kordai) has a rich history, a great number of historic monuments, including mausoleums "Aisha-Bibi", "Babadzhi-Khatun", "Karakhan" and "Davutbek, a mysterious site of the ancient settlement "Akyrtas", beautiful landscape and hunting and fishing opportunities.

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