General information of Zhambyl area

Zhambyl oblast, located in the South of the country, was founded in 1939. In geographical aspect its territory is predominately flat. The oblast\'s territory is 144.2 thousand square km. There are 10 districts in the oblast, the city of oblast subordination is Taraz, and those of district subordination are Karatau, Zhanatas and Shu. The permanent population of the oblast is 1 mln. people. The population is presented by more than 100 nationalities and peoples. 65% of the permanent population is the Kazakh. It should be noted that the territory of the oblast is inhabited unequally.

The characteristic peculiarity of the oblast\'s climate is considerable dryness and sharp continentality. Flora and fauna of natural resources is vast and varied. The vegetative world of the oblast numbers more than 3 thousand species. The total area of hunting grounds is 13.9 thousand hectares, in this area live over 40 species of animals. he fish industry fund occupying the area of 27.8 hectares includes 81 water reservoirs, 59 of which are fit for fish industry activity. Among large-scale storage ponds there can be named the Tatsokelskoe reservoir and the Ters-Ashibulakskoe reservoir. The predominate food fish are carp, sazan, zander, bream, vobla and others. On the territory of the oblast functionate three game reserves: The state natural game reserve "Urochishche "Berkara" (complex), with the common area of 17.5 thousand hectares, where it is possible to meet with more than 50 species of the most valuable woody-shrubby and herbaceous plants recorded in the Red Book, and from animals – arhar, the Indian porcupine, paradise flycatcher, The state natural game reserve "Urochishche "Karakunuz" (botanic), with the common area of 3.07 thousand hectares, located in western spurs of Zailiiskiy Alatau. Fruit plantations of apple-tress, cherry-trees, cherry-plums, grapes are changed with districts of maple forest, locust, mulberry-tree, walnut; the Andasaiskiy state natural game reserve (zoological), with the common area of 1000 thousand hectares, located on the right bank of the Shu river to the West of Moiynkum village. In the herbage prevail feather-grass, fescue, saxaul the black, thickets of bushy willows. The animal world is presented by arhars, koulans, roes, dzheirans, hogs, hares, pheasants, partridges. The orientation of the oblast is industrial-agrarian, 23.8 % of the gross production is for industry, 20.2% - for agriculture, 16.6% - for transport and communications, 6.5% - for building, 9.2% - for trdae, 23.7 % - for other fields. In 7 village centers prevail the agrarian sector; in the rest three regions industry is more developed due to the presence of large mining-ore complexes. The considerable contribution to the development of industry is made by enterprises of the oblast center – the city of Taraz. Zhambyl oblast is a unique base of phosphorite and fluor-spar raw stuff. In its territory there 71.9 % of balance stores of the Republic\'s phosphorites, 68% of fluor-spar, 8.8 % of gold, 3% of copper, 0.7% of uranium. The oblast is rich with non-ferrous metals, barite, facing, board and technical stones, building materials. In the bounds of the Shu-Sarysuiskaya cavity there have been discovered several fields of natural gas. From the beginning of working-out of Amangeldinskoe gas field there have been drilled 18 wells, with the day\'s supply of the blue fuel up to 820 thousand cubic meters. Building of the mini-factory for processing the gas condensate is soon to be finished. The oblast\'s population is supplied with its own gas. The perspective fields of lead-zinc mineralization have been discovered in Shu-Iliskiy region. The mining of copper ore is realized in the Shatyrkulskoe field of polymetals in Shuskiy district. The oblast has the third place in the Republic with the quantity of explored stores of underground waters. There have been discovered 40 fields with the determined stores of 4520.94 thousand cubic meters/day. The industrial interest is presented by salt fields in Sarysuiskiy district. The stores of fodder and technical salt are 10 mln. tons. During the processing of salt by the way of water flushing white salt can be got which doesn\'t require enrichment by iodine and corresponding to the requirements of all-Union State Standards. In the bounds of Zhaymbyl oblast there have been explored 2 fields of medicinal mineral waters: Merkenskoe, with the fixed store of 0.518 thousand cubic meters/day, and Uzynbulak-Arasan; there have been found more than ten manifestations and districts of underground waters according to their chemical composition, similar to mineral ones. The oblast has great possibilities for the development of tourism, home as well as international. Through this territory went a district of the Great Silk Road: Sairam village – Taraz – Aksholak – Ajyr-tobe station – Kulan – Merke – Shu – Aspara - Kordai, on the way of which there are interesting monuments and history and culture. The oblast is included in the state programme "Revival of historical centers of the Great Silk Road, preservation and successive development of cultural legacy of the Turki-speaking states and formation of infrastructure of tourism".

There are 1,080 monuments in Zhambyl oblast including 844 archeological monuments,
1 11 historic monuments, 97 architectural monuments and 28 pieces of monumental art.

Управление туризма,
физической культуры и спорта
акимата Жамбылской области

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