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The city of Atyrau, located in the stern, but at their beautiful part of the planet Earth, namely, in the Caspian lowland, in the mouth of the confluence of the Ural River in the Caspian Sea. Geographically, the city of Atyrau, located in western Kazakhstan and is the regional center of Atyrau region. 
The city is located on both sides of the Ural River. The history of the area and the city has for many centuries. The first mention found in the III - IV centuries BC, and the city begins its chronicle in 1640. 
The land is harsh, but generous. The Caspian Sea and Ural River is rich in fish and the depths of the oil. And so the main richness red fish and black caviar, oil and gas. No wonder the crest of the city of sturgeon and oil derrick. 
Today Atyrau - the main hydrocarbon region of Kazakhstan, the largest center for oil and gas, a promising market investments. Well, black caviar from Atyrau well-known in the CIS and Europe. 
History of the region, consisting of the Millennium, knows a lot of events and dates, all included in the chronicle of her life, knows many national heroes, whose names are sacred is revered and remembered by the people. 
In 1991 Gurievskaya region was renamed in Atyrau, the regional center Guriev - in the city of Atyrau. 
The population of the city on 01/01/2010 g.sostavlyaet - 231 thousand people.


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