Atyrau region is favorable for the development of tourism and recreation. Natural resources and historical and cultural heritage permit development of therapeutic, health, sports, educational, environmental, and other types of extreme tourism.Atyrau region - the most western Kazakhstan. This is an amazing land of contrasts, where steppe meets the sea, the desert with oases, and the scorching heat with the coolness of mighty rivers: the Urals and the Volga delta.

Atyrau region covers an area of over 118, 6 thousand square kilometers The length of the border from north to south, 350 km from west to east - more than 600 km. In the west is bordered by the Astrakhan region of Russia Federation. The climate of the area is continental: winters long with unstable snow cover, summer is hot and dry. The short spring and autumn. Average annual temperature - (-38-40 oC) in January, up (+ 40 +42 C) in July.

Multi-ethnic population of Atyrau region: Here is inhabited by 84 nationalities, the population of the region is 501.6 thousand people, including 2.3% of urban population.

Atyrau region is a major industrial and agricultural regions of Kazakhstan and export products which are widely known in the near and far abroad, because almost all of Mendeleev's table is presented in the storerooms of the land and reserves are impressive. Continues to develop a powerful industrial complex on the basis of major oil and gas fields.  

The first oil gusher, gave rise to the development of the oil industry and Kazakhstan, scored in 1899. Investment - an attractive area and the oil capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Atyrau is now known to a lot of business people. Advantageous geographical position of the area emphasizes the development of transportation network and a wide range of telecommunication capabilities that can ensure prompt communication with any point of the globe.

Atyrau - the main hydrocarbon region of the country's largest center of oil and gas. 

 Pride Atyrau - oil and gas complex in one of the largest in the world's Tengiz field, which in 1993 had set up a joint Kazakh-American enterprise "TCO" - the first large-scale. 
 River port of Atyrau is sea waterways with Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, as well as access to the Azov and Black Sea through the Volga. 
 In the region there are 5 universities, 4 research-The research and design institutes (geological exploration, fisheries and agriculture, the design institute of oil and gas).
Rich in flora and fauna of Atyrau region. Area is famous as a unique supplier of fish sturgeon and black caviar, as well as one of the breeding areas of Kazakhstan. In the Caspian Sea are found particularly valuable relic of fish, marine fish found 53 species, river, 42 species, many so-called anadromous and semi-fish: a total of 122 species. 
 Atyrau region is located at the junction of two civilizations - East and West. On its territory are connected boundary between two continents Europe and Asia. Center field is located in the city of Atyrau (up to 1992-g.Gurev), which is located on the Ural River and was founded in 1640. 
 Rich history of the region. In a lot of monuments of religious (Muslim) architecture of past centuries, mainly ancient necropolis, underground mosques, saganatamy, koshkartasy, kulpytasy, sandyktasy. All these monuments is a great variety of forms and motifs of decorative finishes. 

 In Atyrau every stone breathes antiquity. More than a thousand monuments of history, archeology, architecture and monumental art (of which 54 - the historic, 119 - monumental art, 43-archaeological, 150-arhitekturnyhi more than 800 places of worship) remind future generations about the greatness of the spiritual heritage of ancestors.
50 km from the modern city of Atyrau, is one of the most promising tourist destinations, the memorial complex "Khan Ordeals Sarayshyk", which reveals all the ancient history of the Kazakh people. His snow-white beauty and grandeur of the beautiful creations of human hands affects the burial place of seven khans. 
 City Saraichik - was a major trading center of the Golden Horde, which ran through the shortest route from Europe to Central Asia and China. 

 Culture and Art. Cultural life of Atyrau region is interesting and significant. There is a drama theater named after M. Utemisov, Regional Philharmonic. N. Zhanturina, a famous academic orchestra of Kazakh national instruments im.D.Nurpeisovoy, Regional History Museum, Regional Museum of Art arts and crafts, 7 regional independent museums, the regional center of scientific and methodical work of folk art and cultural and leisure activities. National Fund -145 libraries. 
 Deserved fame enjoys Regional Academic Orchestra named Dina Nurpeisova - is the true center of national advocacy classic folk performing arts. 
 Regional museum of art and applied art has 1,275 exhibits - the originals of contemporary applied art of Russia and Kazakhstan. A unique collection of products from precious metals, jewelry artists - Zerger start Х1Х century represented in the regional historical museum. In the halls of the museum's permanent display of the history of the various nationalities residing in the territory of Atyrau region.
Tourists coming to the region can be accessed with a special unique landscapes of the ancient Caspian Sea, with its history, culture, economy and people's lives. 
 Today in the tourism sector are operating 32 travel agents, tour operators 7, 
2 instructors and 52 tourist hotels, providing services catering accommodation and cultural development of leisure tourists.



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