Phenomenon Mukhtar Aryn

In July 1983, the rector of Aktobe State Pedagogical Institute has been appointed Head of the Department of Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR Mukhtar Aryn. Event, quite frankly, ordinary, but for us, Aktobe, it was symbolic. He led this institution until his death. And for the most Mukhtar Galievich it was the most fruitful years. It was here that he was able to realize themselves, develop their talent manager and educator. Remarkably, he found himself in Aktobe in the perestroika years, when the society changed its values and our country was headed for its independence. When they write about Mukhtar Aryn, primarily trying to show him as a leader, radeyuschego for the Kazakh language. And it's true. In the late eighties in our city was founded the society "Kazakh tili. To lead this company, the organizers invited Mukhtar Galievich. It was a wise decision. Credibility Mukhtar Aryn was so high that the authorities were forced to not only recognize the company "Kazakh tili, but also support it. Due to its authority in the city and area schools began to appear in the Kazakh language learning. One of them - in the village Kargaly - today bears his name. By the way, Mukhtar Galievich done everything to ensure that the school staff. He foresaw the rebirth of the language, so open in his high school faculties to train teachers in the Kazakh language learning. Still, the contribution of Mukhtar Galievich the revival of the native language is not confined only to the organization of society "Kazakh tili. His main achievement in this regard that he was the author of the concept of "first truth - the language." The focus of Mukhtar Aryn put the concept: the main asset of the nation - language. He believed that this language helps people to pass spiritual wealth from generation to generation, and not whether he, mankind began to spiritual life from scratch. No one before him could theoretically justify the need for language to the spiritual life of peoples. This he did, a specialist of German, Emeritus Professor of Berlin and the University of Vienna, the scientist, free lecturer in German in Istanbul, Alexandria, Cairo, acknowledged Germanist. We, Aktobe, remember Mukhtar Galievich and because it helped us pay tribute to our great ancestors - batir ECET Kokiuly, ECET Kotibaru, composer Kazangap Abubakirov Kerderi poet, linguist Kudaibergenov Zhubanov and many other distinguished countrymen. Thanks to him, the current Aktobe State University named Kudaibergen Zhubanov. Through him we learned about Aiteke beats and with its direct support of one of the districts in our area now bears the name of this distinguished statesman. Though Mukhtar Aryn specialty was German studies, he, like all great scientists interested in various fields of human knowledge: history, literature, art, and, of course, languages. He spoke fluently in several languages. Eyewitnesses recall how he is free to read the works of Goethe, Heine and many other German poets in the original. Mukhtar Galievich became the first Kazakhs to be awarded the title of professor - an expert on the German language. And how he knew and revered abaya - a great poet, educator, his countryman! For the wisdom, unselfishness, for his tireless outreach activities and close friends called Mukhtar Galievich "our Abay. With his assistance at the Pedagogical Institute was opened museum "The development of education in the Aktobe region." He did much to Aktobe Pedagogical Institute has become one of the leading universities in the country. It was Mukhtar Galievich when he was head of the Institute paved the way for them to university status. At his invitation arrived in Aktobe-known scientists to strengthen the faculty of the institute. Mukhtar Galievich actively engaged in social activities. He was behind the birth of a new Kazakhstan. As a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR in 1912 convocation, Mukhtar Aryn participated in the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic, the first Constitution, the law on languages. Was one of the developers of the laws "On education" and "Higher Education". In Aktobe about himself, he left a good memory. His name is one of the streets of our city. In Aktobe Pedagogical scholarship established in his name, is a museum. As we noted above, was named after him Kargalinskaya Kazakh middle school. In May of this year, Mukhtar Galievich would have turned 75 years old. He could celebrate his birthday among friends and colleagues, to hear his kind words, but he did not live up to this day. His life was cut short when he was only fifty-nine years. It happened on September 10, 1995, when he hastened to Semipalatinsk, on the anniversary of his favorite poet - abaya. Muapih BARANKULOV Help "AB" Arynov Mukhtar Galievich (05/20/1936, s.Aksu Aksu district of Almaty region. - 9/10/1995, Aktobe) - Scientist, Ph.D. (1973), Professor. Graduated in 1957, Almaty State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (now the Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages. Abylai Khan). He worked at this institute professor and head of department, rector of the Kazakh-ped Institute. Abai (1974-81 gg.), Head of Department, Ministry of Education (1981-83 gg.). From 1983 until the end of his life he was rector of Aktobe Training College. A Brief Grammar of the German language "1971," Grammar (morphology) of the German Language "in 1986, MG Arynova highly valued in scientific linguistics. Arynov contributed greatly to the development of national culture. In 1996 he published a book by M. Arynova "Bes anyқ", written on the basis of the national philosophy of teaching, ethnographic and ethno-linguistic papers. Mukhtar was a singular figure in many ways from his contemporaries. And if I trying to re-submit his appearance, then, oh miracle, all the time he sees me uncontrollably strong narom not experiencing stress, walking at the head of the caravan. Abduali Haidar Mukhtar was not just a good man with many good people, and the only one capable, without flinching, to take on a heavy load. Was a true citizen, ready to proudly fulfill their filial duty to the people. Abdizhamil Nurpeisov When it comes to art, Mukhtar Galievich changing rapidly. His inspiration was overwhelmed. He saw as strong as the earth itself, massive as a mountain, deep as the sea. And when a very discreet and careful, the speaker usually slowly and surely, he was suddenly transformed, then I heard the beat of his heart, and I was overjoyed. Ilya Zhakanov

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