Aktobe - a city on a Great Silk Way

Aktobe is one of the prospering regions of the Republic Kazakhstan, which has huge economic, cultural and tourist strength. The advantage of the area is that it has an advantageous geographical position, being on at the joint of Europe and Asia. Caravans of a great Silk way passed through this earth, connecting cities and the countries. Lines of highways cross throughout an up-to-date map of area, largest of which is a global transport corridor «the Western Europe – the Western China». Railroad lines last in all directions, both in European, and Asian parts of the Euroasian continent. The sky covers a network of the international airways. Almost all airlines of the world use the services of the up-to-date regional air navigation dispatch centre. Modern international airport "Aktobe" is capable to accept aircrafts of all types. Throughput of terminals makes more than thousand passengers at an o'clock. Region’s climate is sharp-continental. Long winter with a steady snow covers, frosty and the sunny days attract you to ski walks, driving on sledge, winter hunting and sub glacial fishing. Summer is hot with torrential rains, mushrooms and berries. In the spring steppes open spaces blossom snowdrops and tulips, poppies and cornflowers. The autumn comes in the crimson dress with gold locks of hair, reminding Pushkin’s «feast for the eyes». The total area of the region is 300 sq. km. One of the unique nature sanctuaries of the land is the meteoric crater Zhamanshin also found in territory of area. The crater has been formed 700 thousand years ago as a result of falling to the Earth a large meteorite; at various times repeated geologo-geographical researches here were conducted. It is possible to name a Yurta as a masterpiece of an applied art of the Kazakh people; it’s the dwelling of the nomad tribes which have remained till our times. The ancient traditions connected with ethnic history, social and environmental conditions are reflected in national suits of Kazakhs, jewellery ornaments. The population of the Aktobe region makes more than 700 thousand persons. There live almost hundred nationalities and nations. The regional Nation Assembly of Kazakhstan counts 15 national-cultural centres which participate in all mass events by showing customs and traditions of its nations, and also promoting cross-cultural interaction. The administrative centre of the region is Aktobe city, which was based on the place of a fortress of Ak tobe (the White hill) in 1869. It is a green modern megacity with its sights, sculptures and the monuments, which displays land’s history. The centres of religious culture are a mosque and the orthodox cathedral, connected unusual beauty water-green parkway with a singing fountain and the small architectural forms executed in national style became original cards of the city. Modern trading-entertaining complexes with the huge children's playgrounds, an ice skating rink, cinemas, bowling, rock-climbing wall. The traditional horse and camel jumps accompanying by mass celebratory events involve tourists. Let's add that our city will be remembered by comfort and luxury to tourists and visitors. Modern luxurious hotels from 3 to 5 stars, restaurants with refined dishes of the Kazakh, Russian, Armenian, Korean, Chinese and Italian kitchens also are a tourism infrastructure integral part. Services for all tastes, the interesting, sated leisure waits for everyone who will visit this surprising, warmly welcoming land.

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