It is known that since those ancient times when heavenly Turkis confirming that they descend from the holy mythic Otiken from Altai, were the first in the history of the humanity to saddle horse, to invent a wheel and to place a nomad tent on the bullock-cart, they had often risen together and roamed from place to place to the west in search of the new lands and homes. And the humanity remembers the Great Resettlement of Nations. And the centuries-old Great Resettlement could not go round this land. The nomads who did not pass through Aktobe land would have bumped into thick Siberian forests or the Khazar Sea (the Caspian Sea).
          The population of Aktobe region is 713.9 people. It boarders Kostanai and Karaganda regions in the south-eats, Kyzylorda and Mangistau regions in the south-west, Atyrau and West-Kazakhstan regions in the north-west and Russia in the north. So it is the region which has a great geopoliteical, economic and strategic significance in the western part of Kazakhstan.
bowels of the region are very rich, its economic potential is very big.
          The struggle against the Djungars' invasion and the invasion of Russian empire was continually carried on this land. The nation fighting for its freedom stood a lot of ordeals, shed a great deal of blood. And later the people suffered much trouble due to other disagreements in the Russian society which fell into "the white" and "the red", suffered hard pangs of the revolution, collectivization, compulsion to settled life, artificially organized famine.
          Aktobe land possesses big economic potential, very rich bowels and rather high intellectual and cultural level. Competent use of these opportunities in compliance with the spirit of the time provides the ground for rapid development and continuous growth of economy. The bowels of Aktobe land contain 10 per cent of the explored reserves of the country's oil, 30 per cent of the forecasted hydrocarbon raw materials, 100 per cent of Kazakhstan! chromium are also found here. The region takes the second place in the world in the chrome ore reserves (over 400 mln tons), the third place in the Republic in ore (1 00 mln tons), the fourth place in gas reserves.
         55 per cent of nickel, 40 per cent of titanium, 34 per cent of phosphorites, 4.7 per cent of zinc, 3.6 per cent of copper, 2 per cent of aluminum, 1.4 per cent of coal of the country are found in the bowels of Aktobe land. There is gold, silver, cobalt, potash salts, asbestos, kaolin, glass and colour stony raw materials, natural decoration materials, oil and bitumen deposits, mineral waters, raw materials necessary for construction and other natural resources. There are good opportunities to develop agriculture in the region. Northern regions situated on fertile soils are engaged in grain production and breeding pedigree live-stock, and regions situated in the semi-desert zone mainly breed cattle.
         The nature of the region situated on the vast territory is brought about by the phenomena inherent to the steppe. The primordial ancient mountains Mugodzhars are the spurs of the Urals which spread into the steppe. The major water resources are the rivers Orr, llek, Khobda, Uil, Irgiz, Zhem, Sagis and small rivers and also steppe lakes, the largest of which are situated in the Irgiz region. The balance of the dry continental climate of the region depends on these natural reservoirs. The pride of the region is Torgai national park created on the territory of Irgiz region in 1967. On this territory there are big lakes and rivers (Torgai, Olkeiyek, Telgara, Irgiz), 29 species of animals and 170 species of birds, 30 of which are entered into the Red Book, are found here. In Kargala, Khobda regions there are elks, on Baiganin and Uil lands you can find wild goats, in Irgiz and Shalkar regions saigas and wild boars.
         Branches of education, health care, culture, sport, transport of this rich and spacious region are developing very fast and improving every year. Such major institutions of higher education as Military Institute of Air Forces after T. Bigeldinov, Western Kazakhstan Medical Academy after M. Ospanov, Aktobe StateK. Zhubanov University, Aktobe State Teachers' Training Institute, institutes and branches of Transport and Communication Academy after M. Tynyshbayev, Kazakh State Law Academy, Academy of Economics and Statistics, Central-Asian University, University after S. Baishev, 21 colleges and 16 professional lyceums, training in different specialities, 474 schools of general education, 99 pre-school institutions, 5 specialized schools.
         Social conditions of the life of the population of the region are improving rapidly. For the past two years the number of new schools, hospitals, cultural centers, large trade centers and houses has increased twofold. The construction of new houses has greatly increased and the region has become one of the best in the republic.
         The reason of such rapid development is the growth of economy due to the competent management in compliance with the requirements of the time, duly and qualitative realization of the tasks set by the President, reflection of energy and efforts of the region's population confident in their future.
         The impetuous development of Aktobe land can be clearly seen by several indexes of the results of 2007.
         - For the first time in the history of the region the total volume of production exceeded 500 bin in 2006 and reached 620.0 bin tenge in 2007. It is by 103.3 bin tenge higher than in 2006.
         -By the growth of the processing industry our region has become one of the three best regions of the country!
         -71 project valued at 308.6 bin tenge have been realized, 52 of which being industrial enterprises.
         -Koktau mining concentration industrial complex, capable of producing 200 thousand tons of copper concentrate per year has been put into operation. It took a little over a year to build this complex in the bare steppe. Its second production line will be put into operation in 2008 and will be able to produce 47 thousand tons of zinc concentrate per year, and production of copper will achieve 260 thousand tons. The construction of the metallurgic plant has been planned.
         All that has become possible due to the realization of the measures of the Strategy of industrial and innovation development, creation of high technology aimed at the production of the goods with high added value.
         - To support agriculture 3.7 bin tenge have been allotted;
         - During the year 4078 families became owners of the new houses;
         - 420.2 thousand of square meters of housing have been put into exploitation in total;
         - 20.3 bin tenge were allocated to the education sphere; 11.3 bin to the health care system;
         - 1567.9 bin tenge were allotted to the sphere of culture.
         Large, middle-sized business, investors and entrepreneurs make an immense contribution into the development of economy. 94 per cent of the region production is manufactured at the region industrial enterprises: JSC CNPC "Aktobemunaigas", Donskoi mining concentration industrial complex, referring to "Kazchrom" transnational corporation, Aktobe Ferro Alloy Plant, JSc "Aktobe Chrome Compounds Plant", JSC "Avia-Repair Plant of Civil Aviation-406", JSC "Aktubrentgen".PLC "Aktube-Kurylys", "Omirbek", KCDK "Great Wall", "Koktas Aktobe", "Voschod-Oriel", "Zhorga-RD", "ZhAK" are among major Aktobe enterprises. They do not only produce their own goods but are also engaged in social, cultural and spiritual spheres.
         Air, railway and automobile transport communications of the region have been successfully developing lately. Aktobe airport has been built up to the world standards. Now passenger and cargo terminals are being reconstructed. Regional parts of railway and automobile roads connecting Aktobe and Astana have been put into operation, roads Shymkent-Samara, Aktobe-Uralsk, Aktobe-Atyrau and other internal roads are being built and repaired.
         Aktobe oblast has prepared over 120 investment projects valued at 8 bin US dollars under the aegis of industrial and innovation strategy. Six of them are included into the state programme "30 corporate leaders of Kazakhstan", projects of the construction of Zhanazhol gas processing plant with the capacity of 6 bin cubic meters of gas per year, electric metallurgical plant in Aktobe, copper-smelting and mining concentration industrial complex, glass producing plant with the capacity of 21.7 mln square meters of glass per year, chrome ore concentration industrial complex, plant producing 1200 railway carriages per year are among them. Their total cost is 3 bin dollars.
         The present day Aktobe region is a flourishing land developing very fast. The social, cultural and spiritual level of its population is continually growing. The people are confident that their future will be still better than the present. It is guaranteed by the economy acquiring more and more power, the population possessing good knowledge, cultural and intellectual potential, showing social activity and unanimity, and also wise and far-sighted policy of the President of our country Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. Competent activity and energy of leaders of the regional and local authorities can be added to these factors.
         In a word, Aktobe land is the place one can be proud of. It is the home of hospitable, wistful, strong people.

         If you want to know Aktobe land better you are welcome!

        Narrator: Meyirkhan Akdauletuly

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