Total region: 0,1 thousand in sq. km. Population: 24,3 thousand people Distance from Almaty: 292 km Distance from Taldykorgan: Gorod Tekeli 46 km, the area of 0,1 thousand in sq.km., is in 46 km. On the southeast from the regional center of Taldykorgana and in 285 km. On the northeast from Almaty, it is connected with the given cities iron and automobile roads. The city is located in foothills of the Western slope of northern file of the Dzungarian Ala Tau which has been cut ущелеобразными by valleys of the rivers Tekeli, Chazha, the Bark, Karatal and will stretch in the form of a twisting tape on 32 km. The rivers Chazha and the Bark are river Karatal inflows, the river Tekeli – the left inflow of the river Chazha. The climate of region of the city of Tekeli concerns continental type of midlatitudes. On agroclimatic division into districts the area concerns to damp moderately-frying to a zone. Among sights of a city it is possible to see an Obelisk devoted to a victory in the Great Patriotic War; Avenue of memory to the heroes who were lost in days of the Great Patriotic War; the Memorial board on a city central square; the Fountain of a name of the 10 anniversary of Independence of Republic Kazakhstan; the Fountain of a name of the 50 anniversary of the city of Tekeli, sports Palace, stadium and open swimming pool.

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